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How search engine optimisation works. What is SEO? How to increase traffic to a website through the natural listings on Google and other search engines

What I do know is that I have never seen anything published about search engine optimisation on other websites that comes even close to my understanding of search engine optimisation. However, I have seen my text plagiarised by other SEO experts who hadn't grasped the fact that I had not actually published the solutions but had just written technical jargon that was meaningless to anyone except myself.

Examples would be when I have been talking about data hooking, feeder pages, clustering, stacking, embedding web pages, and bait feed setups - which are all terms that I invented and used when explaining my search engine techniques. I see other search engine optimisers using these terminologies on their website; yet I have never published or explained exactly what they are or how to use them to anyone. They are procedures that I use, depending on the SEO project, and are a well guarded secret.


So what is search engine optimisation? In its simplest form it is anything that will drive more traffic to a website. I actually pay little attention to trying to increase traffic, preferring to focus on generating quality traffic that will result in business for the client. There is no point in having a million people visit your website if they are not the right type of person who is going to end up buying your product or service.

If a client is interested in getting more quality traffic to their website, my company will use any one or more of the following strategies depending on the client's budget.
  • Optimising a website for the search engines. Most websites aren't actually built for the search engines. Whilst the search engine will know they exist, it will most likely not understand what the website is actually about. The first job that the optimiser has to do is look at what competitor websites are doing by way of optimisation, linking strategies and other internet marketing. We employ specialist researchers to do this. They then prepare a report for the analysts who write the sequences who then pass this to the search engine optimisers. Ask your current search engine optimiser what mathematical sequences he is using and he will not know what you are talking about. The optimiser will then create the framework for the designer to rebuild the website using the correct meta tags and deep linking and mapping to ensure the search engines can access the content. Of course this should have all been done before the website was actually built because the search engine optimiser is actually the architect who provides the blueprint for the designer to build the site.
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  • Writing content for the internet. The search engines, and especially Google, love websites that carry plenty of rich copy. There are no short cuts to creating good quality content. Someone (you or one of our professional copywriters) has got to provide vast volumes of quality content to persuade the search engines that your website is the most relevant website about a particular subject. However, it has to be written in the right way and the search engine optimiser has got to take that content and ensure that it is clustered with the right pages within the website so that the search engines understand which pages relate to each other. Then it is the designer's job to take that content and lay it out in such a way that it does not distract the visitor from taking action and buying your product or contacting you. Where the content and links are placed on a page will have a direct affect on how the search engines choose to rank the site. It is the search engine optimiser's job to tell the designer how the page is to be laid out and this can often conflict with the designer's idea of how the site should be displayed. The optimiser, if you want your website to out-perform your competition, must have ultimate control over the design and layout.

  • Good website design has very little to do with how a website looks; it is about how it actually performs in the search engines and whether visitors to your website are converted into clients. As mentioned earlier, most websites aren't built for the search engines simply because most website designers have little understanding of how the search engines work. I can't think of any industry where practitioners are allowed to operate without any control over what they churn out other than the website design industry. The mistake that most people make is simply choosing a website designer that is either local, a family member, or a friend; they then provide an idea of what they want and get exactly what they asked for. What they don't ask, and what the website designer never mentions, is how the website will actually perform in the search engines. The result is always a nice looking website that never sees the light of day as far as traffic is concerned. The main reason for this is because a professionally built website that has been correctly optimised is always going to be far more expensive than a cheap website, and as website designers are after the business, they don't want the aggravation of having to convince a client why they should invest in a custom built website. The result is of course that the client has saved a few thousand on the design and lost a small fortune in missed sales.

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  • Linking strategies. This is one of those grey areas where much of what is published about increasing traffic and helping page ranking is total bollocks. We have web pages that are top of Google, where Google has half a billion pages indexed and the web pages in question have a page rank of zero. Have you ever bothered to visit a links page on a website you have visited? How many links pages have you seen in the top ten of Google when doing a search? No I didn't think so. So does linking work and can it benefit your website in any way? Yes if it is done in the right way and the links are from highly visited pages on important hub sites. Linking does not involve sending emails to busy webmasters asking to exchange links and telling them it will help their page rank. It will not; and the only websites prepared to exchange links with you are websites who aren't getting any traffic either. One link from an important hub site is worth a hundred links from low traffic websites. If you have the time, you can build links from blogs and article sites, but in my experience, you are better off getting a linking strategist to build links for you, and writing articles and paying to have them optimised and linked into your site.

  • Traffic generators. One of the things the search engines like is high volume traffic websites. It's a catch 22 when you have a low traffic website that you need to move up the search engines. Boogami with its pixel advertising is capable of sending high volumes of visitors to your website. This is the search engine that was built by James Wildish, the sixteen year old student. It got lots of media attention and many people adopted it as their favourite search engine. This is an inexpensive way of getting more people to discover your website. You should also join Boogami Life as it is a great way of networking with potential clients. Utopele is an excellent way of getting targeted traffic to your website and also inexpensive.

  • Pay per click advertising. This is the fastest way to get your website found by people using the search engines and also the fastest way to spend your marketing budget with little return. Pay per click advertising works when it is managed correctly and can be highly productive; if you don't know what you are doing, it can be a black hole. You should read the section on pay per click advertising that was written by David.
  • Internet marketing can relate to anything from banner adverts (a pet hate of mine), public relations (press releases), articles that you pay to add to hub sites, and other forms of internet advertising. Again, this is one of those areas where it is best left to a specialist internet marketing company. Providing you have a sensible budget you can use internet marketing to raise awareness about your company. Some of the best internet marketing strategies have been devised by us over the years to promote our clients. It is not, however, something where you can just dip your toe in the water to see how it works. You either have to go for it, or keep your hand in your pocket.

  • Internet advertising is more about generating traffic to a website rather than creating brand awareness. Boogami is a typical example of where internet advertising can pay real dividends. Our internet advertising experts specialise in a number of advertising mediums. Again it is one of those areas where you have to have a sensible advertising budget to make any real impact and it is best left to an experienced team rather than you trying to source and research the best internet advertising.

Obviously, many of the above subjects cross over each other. It is very easy to spend a lot of money without seeing very much return, especially if you fall into the wrong hands or are foolish enough to try it for yourself. SEO is one area where any economy is a false economy.

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How search engine optimisation works. What is SEO? How to increase traffic to a website through the natural listings on Google and other search engines

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