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How the internet works, understanding the search engines to be able to profit online and understand how the internet works in order to build a successful web based business

As time went on, such solutions increasingly involved the use of internet and web technologies. At the time of the dot com boom of the late 1990s, David was overseeing the implementation of global networks that delivered essential desktop applications to users on the other side of the world using familiar and reliable web-based interfaces. But unlike many web-based developments of that time, David's systems were still in place and growing rapidly during and after the great bursting of the dot com bubble in the early part of the next decade.

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A couple of years later, David turned his attention to the financial services industry and the ways in which the internet could be used to benefit those who worked as financial advisers or mortgage brokers. Realising that more and more people were doing their own research online before talking to a professional for more in-depth guidance, David developed a range of websites that provided information and advice on a range of financial topics.

But unlike the information sharing websites of ten years earlier, these sites were designed to encourage visitors to request further help and advice from a qualified adviser in their area. Aware that financial advisers were willing to pay money for each lead that was passed to them, David developed automated systems to pass enquiries out to relevant brokers and received a payment for every single lead.

In the early days, David was doing all of this single handed. So he had to learn a lot of new skills very quickly. Back then, he had to be the web designer, the programmer, the SEO expert and the pay-per-click expert all rolled into one.

When it came to marketing the websites and getting traffic to them, David soon realised he was working in one of the most competitive sectors there is on the internet. So not only did he have to learn fast, but he also had to learn well.

Luckily, a combination of researching information on the web, reading people's e-books, developing his own theories and strategies, and being able to think just a little bit more laterally than the average Joe meant that David was able to succeed beyond even his own expectations. Many of the tricks and secrets he learned along the way are included in this book.

Today, David has a large portfolio of websites covering sectors as diverse as finance, health & fitness, travel, property, sport, politics, transport, technology, law, business information.... The list is virtually endless. All these sites are set up with one purpose: to make money. And make money they do.

David is in the fortunate and enviable position of being able to earn money while he sleeps, thanks to his network of money-making websites.

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How the internet works, understanding the search engines to be able to profit online and understand how the internet works in order to build a successful web based business

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