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Can we get your website high rankings on Google for the key words you really want?

The answer is a guarded yes, but every optimization project is different and some are more difficult than others. More good news is the fact that we don't charge you a penny up front for our services. You only pay when we have achieved the results we agreed. This no win no fee approach protects you against the scam companies who promise to optimize your website on the guarantee of a refund that never happens.

Despite what you read on the Internet, any legitimate search engine optimizer who really understands optimization will tell you that high rankings on Google cannot be achieved through a few keywords, meta tags and link exchanges and no legitimate company charges up front for any optimization work.


John Butterworh continues his interview with the three top executives in search engine optimization and website design. Click here to go to the start of this interview. .

Q. How are high Google rankings helped by Omni-Links?

David. Omni-Links are a range of hundreds of searchable directories held on hundreds of websites and Spartacus web pages. Every participating website either carries a link from their home page or an Omni-Links directory. It is capable of generating a lot of traffic to a website and because it is only one link from a website in exchange for thousands of links back, it also helps with link popularity. Plus of course it is the quickest and easiest way of getting Google to index your site.

Q. So if someone gets their website Omni-linked, they will get high Google rankings?

Leo. Higher, not high. Google will rank a website higher if it is getting lots of related traffic and has lots of inbound links. Reciprocal links are a waste of time unless they are highly visible and most link pages are just long lists. The Omni-Link directories and Spartacus pages return the websites linked on their directories in order of relevancy based on the search made by someone through Google and the other major search engines. So, no matter what keywords someone uses, if an Omni-Link or Spartacus page comes up in a search, the most relevant data is delivered to the top of the web page.

Q. What else can be done to get high rankings on Google?

Paul. Engage a professional designer and optimizer is the short answer. If you have a website that is competing in a highly competitive market, you are only going to make money by being highly ranked in the search engines. If Google isn't one of them, then you have no option but to pay for sponsored adverts. When we set about optimizing a website we look at all the most competitive key searches and that is how we set out our stall. We don't care if Google has hundreds of millions of pages indexed for a search phrase; there are always solutions to the problem.

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Website design combined with legitimate search engine optimization can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business. Don't leave the design and optimization of your website in the hands of an amateur.