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Anyone starting a new company is going to need help and advice from experienced professionals. This help should be sought before taking the plunge rather than waiting for the problems to arise. Most new businesses that fail go under because the right protocols and infrastructure were not implemented from day one. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but totally useless as far as avoiding mistakes that were blatantly obvious and could and should have been avoided.

Most new entrepreneurs that start a business will or should have a sound knowledge of their market place, product or service. However, it is unlikely that they will have a great deal of business experience or knowledge of:
  • Corporate legislation
  • Financial controls
  • Business acumen
  • The internet
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • IT systems
  • Website design
As an entrepreneur starting a new business, you should be concentrating on generating sales. Nothing else! Trying to deal with corporate legislation and bureaucracy will slow you down.

Writing a proper business plan, managing the finances, keeping an eye on the bottom line to ensure profitability is a full time job. No good going to your accountant at the end of the year to discover you made a loss. By then it's too late.

The internet and website design is where you can kiss money away without seeing any return. Most websites are not built for the search engines and few ever get any traffic. This is best left to the experts.

Putting an advertising campaign together. Knowing where and how to advertise, managing an advertising budget, monitoring response rates, negotiating with Media buyers is a specialist area.

You may know your product, but knowing how to market your product is something totally different. Getting the message right, targeting the right people at the right time is another specialist area. Even the largest companies outsource this skill because they understand they are in business for profit.

The Where On Earth Group is made up of experienced business people, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, financiers, bankers, business advisors and marketing consultants who can provide all the outsourced skills necessary to give a new company the best chance of success. By outsourcing these areas of your business, you lessen the payroll burden and leave yourself free to concentrate on the business areas where you have the skills and experience that can best be used. Right now, the best business decision you could make, is talk to us.

One of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make when starting a new business is believing they can do it all and that many of these metiers are something they can pick up along the way. This is a foolish assumption that invariably ends in tears. A major mistake is trying to save money when the savings lead to a loss of profits. If the major companies and most successful entrepreneurs surround themselves or outsource these business skills to experts, why would someone just starting out in business think they could do it on their own?

The answer is usually money or the lack of it. New businesses are often under funded. We often come across entrepreneurs that have a good business idea but lack the financial support and by starting out on a shoe string budget, they end up fighting fires instead of being free to drive the new business forward.

There are two solutions to this problem. If you have a good idea for a new business or product, have the confidence and belief in yourself to make the company a success this is the best advice you will get on starting a new company.

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