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On a recent visit to Brighton I got the shock of my life. Walking around the streets I was confronted on all sides by fat men, accompanied by obese women dragging overweight children along behind them. Fat people seem to have taken over the town like a bad dream.

It wasn't just the fact that everybody seemed to be overweight, most also seemed to be badly dressed and dare I say it - unclean and unkempt.

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To be fair, there were slim well dressed people around as well but they appeared to be heavily outnumbered by men with guts hanging over their trousers, women whose thighs seem to rub together like glass paper and red faced, obese children who waddled along in an attempt to keep up with the huge arses they were expected to follow.

My eyes were affronted by sagging stomachs in clothes that were too tight or track suits that had never been used to jog and worn only because they were the only things these horrendous figures could squeeze into. Sadly, this wasn't just middle aged people who had let themselves go to seed, this was obesity that bridged the generation gap like nothing has ever done before.

Thirty plus years ago as a young man I did the rounds of the night clubs and discothèques in Brighton which always seemed to be full of slim, sylph like, elfin, beautiful and attractive girls. In fact thirty six years, I met my wife for the first time in a discothèque looking very tantalising in blue satin hot pants and off the shoulder top. (My future wife didn't look bad either).

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Maybe I was lucky, but I went out with some amazingly lovely, stunning beauties that had figures you only see in magazines nowadays. They had slim waists, they had firm breasts and legs that when on an on and the bikini has never looked so good. Back then we were spoilt for choice; for young men with high testosterone levels, Brighton beach was like putting a child in a chocolate factory.

Nowadays it seems as if these young men and women have bypassed everything and just made their way to and eaten their way through the chocolate factory. Maybe they don't care what they look like because they are all so fat and have no competition.

Back then, hot pants, the mini skirt, boob tubes and tight fitting satin loons left little to a young mans imagination. Nowadays, looking at the huge thighs, enormous arses and flabby waistlines on young women, sex doesn't bear thinking about. Back then, sex was a feast to be devoured at every conceivable moment. Nowadays, it would seem that junk food is the only thing on young people's minds and the only thing being consumed all the time.

How can two people possibly find each other attractive when they look like two bottles of curdled milk that someone has spilt on the bed. Sex, when entered into with abandon takes energy, suppleness and imagination. I can't and don't even want to imagine some of the fat couples I saw wandering around Brighton having sex. I would imagine they work up a sweat just climbing the stairs and are panting with the exertion of just taking off their clothes. Removing a tight pair of jeans must be the most orgasmic feeling they ever get.

No wonder so many couples are having trouble conceiving and consultants are refusing to give fertility treatment until women lose weight. Men's sperm counts are dropping at the same rate as waistlines are going up and it is all down to junk food, smoking and lack of exercise.

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