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La Feytaud diet and health lifestyle plan was developed by Paul Herbert as the healthiest diet program and safest way for overweight people and children suffering from obesity to lose weight incorporating light physical exercise and could prove useful when dealing with children with eating disorders.

In 1993 at the age of 40, I moved to France with my wife and three young children. In the early years, things were extremely tight financially and I mean border line poverty. The reasons why are another story but my wife and I were faced with the problem of putting food on the table for our children on a day to day basis. Bereft of any regular income, feeding our young family was the major aim each and everyday. So long as the children didn't go hungry, nothing else mattered or was particularly important. Our principal aim was to ensure that our children ate well and didn't suffer physically or emotionally as a result of our financial circumstances.

I believe we were extremely successful as the photograph of our children taken in 2006 testifies.

We had always been very careful about what our children ate, especially as we had seen a number of friends' children putting on weight and struggling to keep up or fully participate in any game that required stamina or exertion. What concerned me more than anything was that these friends seemed oblivious to their children's weight problems or unconcerned that their children struggled to run around and play without running out of breath very quickly.

With a weekly budget of just 280 Francs a week; (28.00/40 Euros) no you didn't misread the figures; we had to put 3 meals a day on the table for two adults and three growing children that were nutritious, healthy and filling. We had to carefully plan every meal for the week, ensuring that it contained all the protein and nutrients required for a balanced diet. To supplement what we were able to buy with our meagre household allowance, we became hunter gatherers, collecting and picking anything that we found growing in and around our land. This was to form the basis of La Feytaud diet and the foundation of a lifestyle that has been adopted by tens of thousands of people.

Before moving to France I could have been described as chunky; slightly overweight, flabby, unfit and not particularly healthy. My wife, after having three children would say that she was not happy with her figure either. Let's just say that we had both suffered from the vagaries of a comfortable lifestyle. Like most people, we weren't particularly happy with the way we looked but I for one, was not particularly motivated to do anything about it and had come to accept my weight gain as a part of growing older.

We actually ate very well, never went hungry and over the first 12 months shed our excess weight and during that period realised that we felt healthier and fitter than we had in a decade. Friends started to remark about how good we looked, how slim we were and how healthy we appeared. When asked what our secret was I would laugh and make some glib remark like "poverty" or "starvation" but neither were actually true. We were eating well, we felt fit, slept well, had amazing energy, our skin was clear and our sex lives were the best they had been for years.

Friends who were doctors and visited us on holiday every year kept remarking that we didn't seem to age like other people and whilst I can look at photos of myself back then and see that we have both aged, we don't appear to have aged in the same way as people of our age.

Jokes about bottling our diet and lifestyle led to formulating La Feytaud Diet and whilst I could never claim that it is the elixir of life, I believe that the diet will help you lose weight and discover a healthier way of living. As a family, touch wood, we are very rarely ill, neither my wife nor I have had more than a couple of days off work since 1993 and none of the family seem to suffer from colds and viruses like other families.

I'm not a scientist and someone more clever than I could probably look at the diet and come up with the reasons behind the success that this diet has had on the people who have adopted it. However, I believe that the staple ingredients used in our diet have had a profound positive effect on our health and could be of enormous benefit to you. I sincerely hope that it will do the same for you.

La Feytaud is so much more than a diet, it is a lifestyle, a way of life backed by regular exercise, a psychology and philosophy.

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