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I only have to switch on the television to be affronted by fat people. Newscasts and reality TV shows are constantly interviewing fat people and often whole families that are obese.

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TV personalities and presenters are often grossly overweight and get work because they are jolly fat people who make jokes about their own weight. Politicians who should be setting examples to the population are often obese or grossly overweight and there are even shows like celebrity fit club that provide employment for these fat celebrities. It would appear that being fat can earn you a good living and you need a good income to be able to afford the levels of food these huge people eat.

If the government is so concerned about the levels of obesity in the UK they should look at their own members of parliament and get them to lose weight as an example. It is disgusting that these people should be allowed to abuse their bodies in this way show no self restraint and yet preach healthy lifestyles to their constituents.

If obesity is now such a worrying problem that it is put on the same scale as global warming, governments should act to stop people abusing their bodies. What I find so incredulous is the fact that people obviously have no self esteem or pride in themselves. The BBC recently reported that the last couple of generations are likely to live shorter lives than their parents and previous generations. This is something that I have been banging on about for over a decade.

If you are obese you are likely to shorten your life by up to a decade, if you are clinically obese, your life span is likely to be curtailed by up to fifteen years and morbidly obese people by up to twenty years. The poor bastards who have the job of carrying the coffins are likely to have their lives shortened instantaneously just by carrying the box.

The Media are trying to blame the food and drinks industry for producing the crap that people stuff in their fat faces. This is like blaming the car manufacturing industry for speeding and accidents. The reality is; fat people are fat because they are greedy, lazy and on the whole pretty disgusting and the responsibility to show restraint and self control lies with them.

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Healthier diet * best diet to lose weight fast in a healthy way * obesity levels in the UK * shorten life expectancy * wives * husbands * children grossly overweight

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