Health problems due to obesity * healthy diet solutions * obesity is caused by excessive eating * junk food * antibiotics * lack of exercise leading to serious health problems

The health service is under enormous pressure to cope with the heath problems caused by obesity. It is incredulous that people should allow their bodies to get into such a disgusting state and then expect doctors to sympathise with their plight. Poor health, when brought on by obesity is self inflicted and whilst treatment shouldn't be refused, people who are genuinely ill due to no fault of their own should be put to the top of any waiting list.

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Obesity has now reached epidemic proportions with statisticians predicting that 50% of adults will be obese by 2050. Lies, damn lies and statistics; judging by the number of fat people pushing trolleys around supermarkets, we have almost reached this level now.

You cannot educate people if they are not prepared to take care of their bodies nor can you legislate against obesity. This is as much a mental health and social problem as it is a physical health problem. Governments are approaching the problem of obesity from the wrong angle.

All the fat people I come across have mental health and social problems that are at the root of their obesity and physical health problems. Many don't really care enough to want to change, most would rather eat junk food than take the trouble to prepare a decent healthy meal and all believe that the medical profession should take responsibility for their health.

All the fat people I come across are fundamentally lazy. They can't be bothered to take care of themselves, they think that people who exercise are stupid, they watch far to much television and what they watch is the low quality, dumb down soaps that employ fat actors and they are only too prepared to take time off work for the slightest reason. Obese people tend to be at the lower end of the social scale and society continues to encourage and support them in their habits.

The social system encourages obesity by providing handouts by means of financial benefits and support and television puts out programmes that these people see as signs that obesity and lazy behaviour is both acceptable and the norm.

Television advertising is aimed specifically at this social sector of the market because they know they are susceptible and they know that the market is growing in very sense. Junk food companies produce advertisements showing families enjoying pizza, burgers, fried chicken and other processed foods and this sector of society accept this as being an acceptable and normal way of life.

Any parent who feeds their child this type of food on a regular basis is stupid and beyond being educated. Governments need to stop treating these people with kid gloves and trying to persuade them to eat and feed their children sensibly and start to penalise them for abuse and neglect.

As generations to come become fatter, obese, weaker and less fertile, the strain on the health system will become greater. However, it isn't just poor diet and lack of exercise that is causing these problems, although they are at the root of the problem.

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Health problems due to obesity * healthy diet solutions * obesity is caused by excessive eating * junk food * antibiotics * lack of exercise leading to serious health problems

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