Google pay per click advertising, customized PPC campaigns focusing on higher profits and more sales.

You will notice that we don't talk about getting more click throughs from your Google pay per click advertising. This is because anyone can do that for you and you don't need to pay some idiot to help you spend more money on a pay per click advertising campaign. We choose to focus on making your PPC advertising more profitable before you decide to invest more and generate even more sales.

Just throwing money at Google pay per click advertising will generate more sales but it won't be the most profitable way of running a PPC campaign and until we are confident that we have refined the system to its optimum or at least got it generating more sales per click through we would recommend maintaining a sensible level of investment.

Obviously, when the sales are flowing in and you are considering expanding your options, then you need to look at increasing your pay per click advertising budget, but let's get it right first.

Talk to us about how we can make your pay per click advertising more profitable. With our experience and knowledge gained from running pay per click advertising campaigns for a number of years, we will take the guesswork out of your PPC advertising and replace it with a proven methodology that will increase your online sales.


Pound for pound, Google Adwords provide the most profitable form of advertising there is. A properly managed pay per click advertising account can do wonders for any small, medium or large business. you set you own budgets and we manage your money on a day to day basis.

The key to successful PPC advertising is conveying your information to as many people as possible whilst keeping your PPC advertising costs to a minimum. Pay per click advertising may be one of the easiest ways to generate quality traffic to your website if managed properly but handled the wrong way; it can be a black hole that your money disappears into. This is no good for you or Google as Google wants you to keep advertising with them. If you profit and profit well, you will keep spending and as your business expands, increasing your advertising budget. Everyone wins. Managed by inexperienced PPC management, you are likely to become disillusioned and stop advertising. Everybody loses.

As well as having experts who manage Google pay per click advertising accounts, we also employ some of the best search engine optimisation experts in Europe and have a department dedicated to generating quality sales leads.

You can manage your own Google PPC account but many of our clients were doing this to little effect until they came to us. There is no replacement for experienced and knowledge gained over many years and we could manage your Google Adwords account more profitably, leaving you to run your business.

If you are serious about doing more business through your Google pay per click advertising speak to us.