Google pay per click advertising management services designing, implementing and improving PPC marketing.

The main difference between marketing and advertising is that marketing should be used to create awareness about a brand whilst the role of advertising is to sell products or services. Our Google pay per click advertising management services focus on generating high levels of quality enquiries whilst keeping costs to a minimum. There are companies making fortunes from their pay per click advertising and others spending fortunes with little return.

Anyone can set up a Google pay per click account and be getting enquiries within 48 hours of implementation. However, it takes years of experience to learn how to manage a PPC advertising campaign so that it generates quality leads in high volumes at the most economic cost. This is an expensive lesson learned by many of our clients who tried running their own campaigns or employed other pay per click management services with poor results.

The theory behind pay per click advertising is you only pay when someone visits your site through a sponsored link. That is all well and good if they are serious, genuine buyers. However, a poorly managed pay per click campaign can pick up a lot of time wasters, window shoppers and information gatherers. Whilst these can never be eradicated entirely, an experienced account manager can take steps to reduce levels an improve the quality of visitors to ensure your PPC campaign is run at the most profitable level.

Talk to us about how we can make your pay per click advertising more profitable. With our experience and knowledge gained from running pay per click advertising campaigns for a number of years, we will take the guesswork out of your PPC advertising and replace it with a proven methodology that will increase your profits and online sales.

If you are new to pay per click advertising you should start out with a small but sensible and realistic budget to test the water. We will manage your account and set daily spending threshold levels and monitor the results whilst you handle the profitable side of your business that you know and understand best.


If you have a website that is not getting any traffic, Google pay per click advertising can resolve that problem within 48 hours. Our job is to help you make the biggest profit possible from your advertising spend. Once you have tested the water and the sales are coming in, you will be in a far better position to then know how and when to increase your advertising budget to increase sales and profits even further.

PPC advertising is totally flexible. We have had situations where new clients have found themselves in a position where they did not have the staffing levels to cope with the enquiries. Delighted with the response but overwhelmed by the level of enquiries PPC advertising can be switched on and off at will.

As well as having experts who manage Google pay per click advertising accounts, we also employ some of the best search engine optimisation experts in Europe and have a department dedicated to generating quality sales leads.

Unlike many pay per click management companies who have someone doing a bit of web design, a little search engine optimisation and handling the occasional PPC management contract, we employ experienced specialists in each field. If you are interested in search engine optimisation, you will be talking to an expert search engine optimiser. If you need a PPC account set up and managed, you will be dealing with an experienced account manager. You will not be talking to people who are Jacks of all trades and that is what sets us apart from our competitors.

If you are serious about doing more business through your Google pay per click advertising speak to us.