FTO gene, scientists have discovered a fat gene (FTO) that they claim stops obese people from realising they have eaten too much or prevents them from knowing when they are full

At last; the news that every fat adult and obese child has been waiting for; scientists have discovered a fat gene that they claim stops people from understanding that they are full. This will be like music to the ears of every overweight and obese person. Being a fat, lazy, greedy bastard is not their fault.

In studies, scientists found people with two copies of a version of a fat gene were 70% more at risk of obesity than those with none; and experts estimate that half of all white Europeans carry one copy of the variant gene whilst one in six has two copies.

Every flabby overweight kid and adult will now be jumping around with joy; well not jumping, more likely wheezing with glee in between shoving another slice of pizza into their mouths whilst lounging in their armchairs.

The FTO gene (fed too often or fat, thick and obese) will now become the latest excuse for gluttony and sloth and fat people will now charge or more likely wobble ahead on a binge eating spree.

Scientist admit they have yet to understand exactly what the FTO gene does or how the different variants of the gene work to influence body weight. However they hope further research will lead to an understanding of the gene and lead to the unravelling of the basic biology of obesity.

Having made my own studies of obesity; I can save them and everybody else a lot of time and money with my own non-scientific studies. Fat people have long claimed that their weight problems were due to genetics. "Being overweight runs in my family." I have heard them cry all too often. "No body runs in your family." Has always been my answer "the only thing you share is a common, unhealthy diet."

Had scientists come up with a gene that they claimed prevented people from realising that they were piling too much food on their plate, I might have taken this seriously. Had they discovered a gene that stopped people walking past a fridge without opening it and diving in; or a gene that stopped people eating healthy food; or a gene that makes you sit on your sofa and not take exercise, I may have been convinced; simply saying there is a gene that makes you want to eat more is not convincing.

We are all faced with the same choices; what we choose to eat, how much we put on our plate; how much we eat; how much exercise we do and what lifestyle we choose to follow. I could quite happily munch my way through a sweet shop, eat fish and chips and junk food every night; never take any exercise and let myself go altogether. Frankly that could be easier but it would make me miserable. Some scientist will probably discover that I have the IDWTOBAFB gene (I don't want to be a fat bastard gene) and roll out statistics about how many of us have this genetic makeup.

So what should you do if you do have the fat gene FTO?

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