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HENRY - and variations of the name

  1. ...offered any colour so long as it was black?
    Henry Ford

  2. ...lends his name to a London football club?
    Harry Hotspur is believed to be the origin of the Tottenham Hotspur name, the Henry Percy of Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I whose family owned land in the area in the 14th century

  3. ...was the son of the count Alphonse and the countess Adèle and became a painter?
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, descendant of the ancient line of comtes de Toulouse

  4. ...was rejected by Christina of Denmark on the grounds that, not having two heads, she could not risk losing one?
    Henry VIII of England (see painting by Hans Holbein)

  5. ...became a chicken farmer before turning his hand to nation-building and mass slaughter?
    Heinrich Himmler

  6. ...said on his deathbed, oddly enough in French, - he was in Paris at the time - "God will forgive me - it's his job"?
    Heinrich Heine (German poet)

  7. ...led dance bands in Britain from the 1920s to the 1950s?
    Henry Hall

  8. ...led a crusade that ended up in 1204 where it shouldn't have, but not because he was blind?
    Enrico Dandolo, Doge of Venice, who led the Fourth Crusade which sacked Christian Constantinople in 1204, where he died

  9. ...made his first professional appearance in 1856 in Sunderland after giving up clerking for the stage, having been born John Brodribb?
    Henry Irving

  10. ...earned his soubriquet not exactly by venturing upon perilous and uncharted waters but by sending others to do it for him?
    Henry the Navigator

  11. ...was divided by Shakespeare into three parts?
    Henry VI of England

  12. ...considered Paris to be well worth a mass?
    Henri IV of France. Paris vaut bien une messe are words attributed to him on his conversion to Catholicism, a necessary step towards his acquiring the French throne in 1594. Observers are asked to note that he had previously taken the same step in 1572 in order to escape the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

  13. ...wrote that bloody annoying Pink Panther tune?
    Henry Mancini

  14. ...had a brother who wrote of Joseph and his brothers, of Faustus and of a Mountain that was Magic?
    Heinrich Mann brother of Nobel prizewinner Thomas Mann. Thomas Mann wrote among other works Joseph and His brothers, Doctor Faustus and The magic Mountain.

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