Food allergies * solutions * hay fever * asthma * change lifestyle and diet * don't adapt to living in the 21st century * alter your diet and lifestyle to combat food allergies

Trying to cope with allergies and adapt to living in the 21st century was never going to be an option and I would never recommend this if you have a life threatening allergy. However, if your allergy is simply an irritant like hay fever for example, it is certainly worth a go.

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First of all we changed our diets, my wife gave up trying to vacuum and dust our nine bedroom, seven reception room house because the dust had resettled before she got to one end of the house. With four long haired dogs running mud and goodness knows what else into the house, she was always fighting a losing battle. Of course we all have a go at vacuuming, dusting, washing and generally trying to keep the house clean, it is a farm house in the middle of the countryside and is and will never be the sanitised box that most people live in.

We don't have double glazing, in fact the windows are open most of the time except in extremely bitter weather (we have had winters where the temperature has dropped to -18C), we don't have central heating, in fact some rooms, including all the bedrooms don't have heating at all. Wood fires heat some rooms, but moving from one room to another can be like leaving the Bahamas and immediately stepping into the Arctic.

In short, we acclimatised to living in the country, stopped trying to sanitise our environment and allowed our immune systems to adapt to a new way of living. I don't wash my hands every time I touch the dogs. If they have anything, it obviously doesn't affect me adversely or my immune system is strong enough to fight off any potential infection. I do however, wash my hands before preparing food or eating but I am also aware that I am touching my mouth and face all the time.

This is all theory of course, but I come across people and children all the time who are what I would call sickly individuals. They catch everything going, they are constantly on antibiotics, they are allergic to just about everything there is in our modern society and they all live in double glazed houses that are over heated to the extent that I can't remain in them and eat a processed food diet.

By killing all the germs that we would naturally come into contact with, we are weakening our immune systems to a point that when we do make contact with germs, our bodies have no defense mechanisms. Maybe we have taken cleaning and disinfecting to such a level that we are actually doing ourselves more harm than good. Maybe we just need to be clean rather than sterile and maybe, if hospitals opened their windows and lowered their central heating, super-bugs would simply just become bugs.

So what can you do about your allergies. Obviously, if you have serious food allergies that can bring on anaphylactic shock you shouldn't just start eating those types of food. However, hay fever, which isn't life threatening, eczema and other allergies that are more irritants than anything else can be treated by changing your diet and the way you live.

Try treating the symptoms by introducing the cause in greater amounts. The symptoms will get worse before they get better but your body is likely to build up its immunity against the very thing that irritates it.

You also need to go through an allergy introduction and detoxification by introducing the things that cause your allergy into your house and going on a detox diet.


There are loads of products that claim to help you detox your body and they are all totally useless. To detox your body you simply need to follow a healthy diet, cutting out all junk and processed foods, drink plenty of water to get your liver and kidneys working and take some exercise to get your heart and blood flow pumping. Your body will take care of everything else; that is why you have these organs.

If you believe all the marketing blurb pumped out by companies selling their detox products, you could spend a small fortune. The truth is that your body, if taken care of, is well equipped to clean your system naturally.

Food allergies * solutions * hay fever * asthma * change lifestyle and diet * don't adapt to living in the 21st century * alter your diet and lifestyle to combat food allergies

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