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Child obesity has reached such epidemic proportions that many Governments are taking steps to try and solve the problem. Any child with a weight problem is going to be a target for both verbal and physical bullying. Fat children get called names, lack confidence, avoid physical sports and will carry the emotional scars all their lives. The fastest way for any fat child to lose weight is to do physical sports but this is usually impossible for any obese child.

If your child is overweight, they may not confide in you but they will almost certainly be the victims of bullying.

As a father of three children and seeing the physical and mental damage that obesity can do to a child, I was intent on ensuring that my children grew up fit, healthy and strong. If I have achieved nothing else, I certainly succeeded in this goal. This was one of the main motivations in developing La Feytaud Diet.

I have seen first hand how an obese or overweight child can be bullied, either physically or verbally, lose their confidence, lose their self-esteem and how this can affect them for their rest of their lives. I have no doubt that parents of obese children love them unconditionally but this love is often misplaced and many parents mistake giving their children treats as an act of love or kindness.

It saddens and angers me when I see an overweight child. It is here where I have immense compassion and sympathy for the child and anger at the parents for their wanton disregard for their children's health and well being. This may have started out as ignorance but if you continue to neglect your child's diet it becomes abuse like any other form of cruelty. Children should be protected from this kind of treatment.

There is nothing wrong in giving your child the occasional treat. It is when crisps, chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits, junk food, takeaways and fizzy drinks become a regular daily thing that they become the problem. You wouldn't give your child cocaine or arsenic, so why poison them slowly by giving them food that is blatantly bad for them and poisoning their systems.

I have seen a mother spoon feeding a chubby toddler who was sitting with his mouth open like a gannet, whilst she proudly boasted about his healthy appetite. He then promptly vomited the lot back up which came as no surprise to me. The child has subsequently grown into an immensely overweight man with serious dietary, health problems and eating disorders. You can trace these eating disorders and health problems right back to his earliest years. You don't feed a child until he or she can't eat any more, you provide enough food to sustain them and help them grow into a healthy adult.

I have seen a mother following a fat child around a garden spoon feeding them yogurt whilst the child tried to play. It is like a mental block; something in the parent had to ensure that every last spoonful was eaten as if the child would waste away if they missed a spoonful. I have heard that child complain to her parents about being fat and not wanting to wear a swimming costume because they look gross, only for the parents to tell her she looked lovely. She didn't, she knew she didn't but her parents were either blind or lying rather than face the facts.

I knew an extremely obese child who would only drink Coca Cola. Playing with my children one hot day, he kept coming into the house for a glass of coke. (His mother had supplied it.) Hyperventilating and clearly physically distressed from his exertions, I suggested he have a glass of water as it would be better for him. His mother turned on me and snapped that she wasn't going to make her child miserable by stopping him from having the things he enjoyed. What she hadn't grasped was the fact that her child was already miserable; he wouldn't take his T-shirt off or go in the swimming pool because he was so self-conscious about his weight.

Your child is not responsible for what they eat; you are. Responsible parenting has to include responsible dietary controls, encouraging them to take physical exercise and ensuring they grow up to be fit and healthy. Feeding you child junk food and other rubbish is not the solution to a child who doesn't like vegetables or is particularly pernickety about what they eat; that is just taking the easy option and is totally irresponsible.

La Feytaud diet will help you get around all the problems of feeding children who binge eat or refuse to eat vegetables or any other form of nutritious food. It will help your child lose weight in a healthy controlled way, give them confidence, help them build self-esteem and put them on the path to a healthy long life.

Fat, overweight or obese children will not be able to properly participate in sport; rope climbing in the gym is impossible, track running an embarrassment, field sports laughable. They will be reluctant to take their clothes off in the showers or will seek a sick note from you to avoid swimming or any physical activity. Fat children don't make the football or netball team, they sit out on the sidelines, they are precluded from other pastimes and social activities because of a lack of popularity.

Don't expect your child to suddenly take up running or jogging in order to help them lose weight. Physical activity has to be incorporated into La Feytaud diet and built up slowly as the weight drops off. This is the quickest way to lose weight.

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