The fastest way to lose weight after Christmas is to follow a simple detox diet, eat sensibly and take plenty of exercise

The average person will gain up to 5lbs in weight and an inch around their waist over the Christmas period and leading up to the New Year. For people who are already very overweight or obese, these figures can be almost doubled over the two weeks of the holiday season. Now you have to do something to shed those excess pounds and lose weight in the fastest way possible.

Let's face it; we all go balmy over Christmas and abuse our bodies with excessive drinking, over eating and generally taking even less exercise than we need to. Then we wonder why the dress we bought for the Christmas party that was only slightly snug, now won't do up and nothing in the wardrobe no longer fits.

You could take advantage of the massive discounts in the January sales and treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe or you could take the cheaper and more satisfying option by going on a proper detox diet and losing a few stone and getting the figure you always dreamed you wanted.


There is little point in starting any diet if you still have tines of chocolates, mince pies and other Christmas goodies lying around the house and absolutely no point in starting any diet unless you are 100% determined to lose the weight you have gained and change your lifestyle.

Over the last two weeks you have most likely abused your body to the point that your system is in meltdown. If you were already overweight, your liver, heart and lungs were already struggling to cope and have now gone into free fall. The Christmas period sees more people admitted to hospital for obesity and alcoholic related illnesses than any time of year. If you are still standing, count yourself lucky and make a determined decision to change your eating and drinking habits now.

No diet in the world will work if you do not stick to it and take the necessary exercise that is required to burn the excess fat your liver is unable to deal with. La Feytaud is a diet and lifestyle program that is the fastest way to lose weight without having to starve yourself. It is the quickest way to lose weight after Christmas.

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