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Many people who need to lose weight will be looking for the quickest diet or the fastest way to shed unwanted pounds. Some people who may be clinically or morbidly obese may well be serial dieters, flitting from one diet to the next seeking an answer that actually lies within them. Few take the psychological approach to dieting as mentioned on the previous page and instead of accepting responsibility, blame their weight problems on a variety excuses.

Many serial dieters have found La Feytaud diet to be the simplest solution and made enormous differences to their weight and lifestyle. However, as emphasised earlier; until you have fully researched this weight loss program, you should not subscribe until you are fully aware of the psychological commitment that will be expected of you. This diet is the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight, but you must be committed to following the diet and stop making these kinds of excuses:

I have a slow metabolism: No your metabolism is the same as everyone else except that you sit on your backside all day and don't do enough exercise to burn any calories off. Try getting off the sofa to switch the television off instead of using the remote control; that might help. Better still, try walking everyday and gradually build the distance up over a period of time until you reach the garden gate.

It's my glands doctor: Yes, this is the worst combined case of thyroid, mumps and glandular fever I have ever seen, especially as it seems to have affected your chest, waist, legs and particularly your arse.

I don't eat very much at all: If that's true, then you have found the solution to feeding the third world and putting an end to world hunger.

I just have to look at a cream cake and I put on weight: Eating it is not the best way to make it disappear though.

I'm perfectly happy being fat: Like poor people enjoy having no money and ugly people like being disfigured.

I followed that diet to the letter and still didn't lose any weight: Yes but that was the monthly calorie intake not the daily count.

I think I have Prader-Willi Syndrome: Highly unlikely, it is more likely that you, along with the rest of the world have what is known as Barker-Wakefield-Rectum Syndrome. This is a common problem that most people, in fact 99.99999999% of us are born with; in as much that we are born with only one anus. Other symptoms of this wicked defect are; the anal passage cannot open as wide as our mouths, the rectum cannot open as often as our mouths and most overweight people, when explaining why they are so fat, tend to talk out of their arses, taking up valuable toilet time. Despite most of us suffering from this dreadful disorder, overweight people still expect their rectums to cope with the huge volumes of food that they eat on a daily basis. There is only one way that those of us who suffer from Barker-Wakefield-Rectum Syndrome can deal with this problem and that is by controlling our daily diet by eating sensibly.

If it wasn't so funny you would have to cry and being obese is a sad position to be in not just because of the way you look but because of the way it makes you feel.

Stop making excuses, stop trying to kid other people and stop lying to yourself. You do not have a slow metabolism, you just don't take enough exercise to get your metabolism going. Your weight problem has nothing to do with glands, you just don't burn off the calories that you eat on a daily basis. Overweight people who claim not to eat very much at all are almost always secret eaters and snackers. They often starve themselves for most of the day but grab the odd couple of biscuits, slice of cheese, bowl of cereal, couple of slices of toast, finish off the kids lunch or dinner, then say they haven't eaten all day and have a bag of crisps and bar of chocolate because that won't do any harm after everything they haven't eaten.

It is highly unlikely that you are unlucky enough to have Prader-Willi Syndrome. PWS normally takes place at conception caused by a deletion on the chromosome 15 inherited from the father, whilst about 25% are caused by inheriting two chromosome 15s from the mother. Symptoms at birth can include:
  • Hypotonia: floppiness and weak muscle tone when born.

  • Hypogonadism: immature sexual characteristics and development of the sexual organs.

  • Central nervous system and endocrine gland dysfunction: causing short stature, learning disabilities and poor emotional and social development.
Most PWS sufferers also exhibit characteristic facial and other physical features which can include; a narrow forehead, down-turned mouth with a triangular-shaped upper lip, almond-shaped eyes and small feet and hands.

If you don't have any of the above, then like the rest of us, you are suffering from Barker-Wakefield-Rectum Syndrome; which whilst incurable can be controlled by sensible eating.

La Feytaud diet could change your life in many ways and not just by helping you lose weight. However, it is only as good as you and you will need to stick strictly within the confines of the regime in order to steadily lose weight. You will be eating delicious natural food that you can buy in any supermarket. No pills, no milkshakes, no special cereal or nutritional bars that taste like sawdust just good honest easily prepared meals that the whole family can eat. And as explained earlier, it is likely to cut your food bills in half.

How fast you lose weight on this diet will depend on how obese you are, how much exercise you take and how strictly you stick to the diet. There is no doubt, that providing you are prepared to cook a meal and not send out for junk food takeaways, La Feytaud will be the easiest diet you have ever been on. Hopefully, it will be your last.

Fat people, by their very nature tend to be undisciplined in many areas of their lives and will often lack the self control and discipline necessary to stick to any diet. It is for this reason that La Feytaud was designed so that all the family can participate and as many obese parents also have obese children this diet is perfect for all the family.

People on a diet also tend to get despondent when the weight doesn't fall off as quickly as they had hoped. This is usually because they are either cheating, sometimes not eating enough so that the body stores the fat, not exercising enough, and therefore not burning off their calorie intake. It is therefore essential to approach this diet with an open mind, with a long term view and set realistic achievable targets.

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