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If you are looking for a fast diet plan and are serious about losing weight and keeping the weight off, it is important that you read as much as you can about La Feytaud diet before subscribing. This is an easy slimming plan, easy to adhere to and follow but it requires you changing your attitude to eating and life in general.

Within weeks you should see an improvement in your skin tone, wrinkles on your face can become less defined, your body start to take on a better shape, your fingernails grow stronger and your hair condition become more luxurious. Sorry, it does nothing for hair loss or baldness.

Experts say that people were slimmer and fitter during the last world war for no other reason than the fact that the Government restricted the amount of food they were allowed to eat. As a result, people ate less, ate more healthily and had to walk or catch a bus because most people didn't have cars and petrol was rationed. In fact, people were far healthier and fitter before the war, not because of war rationing but because of financial constraints.

The increasing problem with obesity today is down to the fact that people eat too much, eat the wrong things and don't exercise enough. Our standard of living may have improved but our eating habits and meal content have declined dramatically and whilst the trend has been for pre war babies to live longer than any other generation, I believe that the last two or three generations to be born since the war are going to be the first to buck this trend and show an overall decline in average life expectancy.

La Feytaud diet is based on a mixture of the French diet, pre-war eating habits and combined with ingredients that were either available to us as a family or that we felt it necessary to add because of their nutritious value. The result is a well balanced, highly nutritious, delicious diet that provides sensible eating advice with simple exercise and lifestyle changes that makes losing weight fast and simple.

This is a diet that can be enjoyed by all the family, whether they need to lose weight or simply maintain their body weight. First developed in 1993 as way to provide a balanced and highly nutritional diet for a family on a low budget, La Feytaud has been developed into a leading French diet used by thousands of people throughout Europe.

The French are the thinnest country in Europe, have one of the lowest rates of heart disease and cancer and are one of the longest living populous. Your health is just as important as your weight and this diet will help make you feel fitter, healthier and younger.

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