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Our Omni-Links programme is an automated system for exchanging links that can increases traffic to your website. If we also manage your website hosting our website designers can add an automated links page to your website that delivers the links in order of relevance to the keywords that your visitors typed into the search engines.

As more websites join Omni-Links, the number of inbound links to your website automatically increases. As a result, your website gets more traffic through the search engines and through hundreds of web pages with searchable databases. Your page rank will improve and your search engine optimised links page will attract more traffic through the search engines.

Omni-Links is far more efficient, profitable and economic than employing a company to send nuisance emails to busy website designers asking to exchange links.

Exchanging reciprocal links the old fashioned way is time consuming and an expensive exercise that achieves very little compared to how our linking strategies are handled. If you are really serious about getting more traffic to your website, our linking strategists could have hundreds of inbound links running to your website with 48 hours. These links would come from thousands of web pages that get high volumes of traffic.

Furthermore, the links to your website would not be buried on links pages that just have endless lists of links that no one can be bothered to scroll down. The links pages we build are found by the search engines and deliver the links in order of relevance to the keywords type into the search engines. Our links pages are also searchable databases giving you even greater opportunities to be found.


You have two options open to you.

You can join the Omni-Links programme that delivers thousands of inbound links to your website or selected pages on your website. Or, if we also host your website, we can add a links page that is optimised for the search engines that carries links that are delivered in order of relevance to the search made through the search engines and a searchable database. The latter will generate more traffic to your website through the search engines as well as from the sites linking to your website. Our linking strategies deliver real results.

Why do we need to take over your web hosting to make our systems work?

This subject is fully covered on another page about web hosting but where and the type of server that your website is hosted on can make an enormous difference to how your website performs in the search engines. If your website is being hosted on the wrong type of server our linking strategies will not be so efficient.

We are confident that once you see how our linking programmes increase the traffic to your website, you will have the confidence to ask us to handle all your website and internet marketing which can include.

Success on the internet involves far more than just generating reciprocal links.