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We get about 50 emails a week regarding exchanging links from various link building services promising to increase traffic to our website, search engine optimisers offering reciprocal links or to help build link popularity. Although they claim to have visited our site, it is evident that they have not taken the trouble to look further than the home page or do any research about us. Some of the emails they send are bum cringingly condescending or patronising and it is obvious as explained previously that they have no idea how to go about building reciprocal links the correct way.

A typical email about exchanging links will read something like this:

I visited your website recently (No you didn't) and I believe that the content would be extremely useful to our visitors. (I am sure it would if you had any) I manage the linking strategies for XYZ (you found another sucker then) and I am looking for quality link exchanges. (You mean you are looking for other suckers) You are probably aware that exchanging links could help both our website page rankings, (No it won't) and increase traffic to your site from the search engines (No it won't) and our highly ranked link pages. (you mean the ones that don't get any traffic) We are very picky about who we choose to exchange links with (So are we you condescending b*******) and feel that a link exchange would be beneficial to both our websites. (Beneficial to you, you mean because you get paid for every pointless link exchange by the na´ve website owners who pay you to do this.)

You get the picture, emails simply sent out from a database to any website they can find. How do I know this? Because we are Europe's largest internetwork with hundreds of websites under our management and we get the same identical email sent to scores of them everyday.

Exchanging links in this manner helps no one but the people you are paying to do it. Links from big, successful websites with highly visited web pages will help your page ranking but not if they are reciprocal and these types of websites either charge for links or just don't bother. Exchanging links with other websites who are just as desperate as you to get traffic does nothing. You all start out with no traffic, you all get together only to discover that you still don't have any traffic.

The solution is to get websites that have a lot of traffic to link to you and for you to have a decent links page that is found in the search engines and delivers links to the top of the page that relevant to what the visitor typed into the search engine. You get more traffic to your site which helps your page ranking and quality sites will want to exchange links with you. Moreover, because the whole thing is automated, you don't have to do anything.

We can do this for you, set you up with a properly constructed links page and set you live with hundreds of inbound links to your site. If you would like to find out more about our relevant linking strategies all you need to do is ask our website designers.

It is a far more efficient and profitable method of exchanging links and far less expensive than paying some link exchange service to plague the life out of other website owners.

By subscribing to Omni-Links, you also have access to other services:

Using us to handle your linking strategies is just a starting point. Once you see the difference that Omni-Links makes to your page ranking and increased traffic levels, we believe you will have the confidence to look at our other services and ways that we can help you improve the level of business you do through the internet.

Search engine optimisation is complex and linking strategies are just a small part of improving your website page ranking. So the next time you get an email about exchanging links from someone, you will have more knowledge about how it should be done and more understanding about the realities of exchanging reciprocal links.