Exchanging reciprocal links using search engine optimisers is the most efficient way of building link popularity and increasing search engine traffic.

Genuine reciprocal links campaigns do not involve approaching hundreds of website owners and plaguing them with repeated requests to exchange links. There are companies who will do this for you and frankly they are nothing but a nuisance.

Exchanging links in this manner is a worthless exercise and these companies prey on the ignorant, citing the benefits of this service based on the rubbish published on other websites about reciprocal links.

If you found this web page in the top ten of Google by typing in "exchanging reciprocal links" or some other related phrase, then it stands to reason that we know what we are talking about.

One web page containing an article that has been correctly written, hosted on another website, optimised for the search engines, with links to your site, will attract more traffic than a hundred links from other websites.

Setting these pages up correctly is a skill in itself and we know how to do it and have websites willing and able to carry these pages.

Before we set out on any link exchange campaign, we like to ensure that your website has been designed for the search engines, optimised by professional search engine optimisers, and already getting high volumes of traffic through the search engines. This is essential for any link building campaign to succeed.

Creating web pages in this way is obviously time consuming and more expensive than just exchanging links. However, the rewards are far greater and the long term income potential more profitable, providing the advertising copy has been written correctly and the page optimised and constructed in a manner that the search engines will appreciate.

If you have ten or twenty websites that are prepared to carry your advertising copy, you have to write ten or twenty different articles on a theme, using integrated links and stacking the pages in a way that the search engines will cluster the results. Failure to do this simply results in Google and most of the other search engines dismissing the other pages as copies.

This means that you have to have one central manager, who understands what is required from all participating websites and can ensure that every partner site is benefiting and reciprocating in a fair manner.

Link exchange campaigns of this stature cost thousands, but return high financial rewards. It is like every other marketing exercise on the Internet. You either have the money to be able to invest and compete on the Web or you get swallowed up like all the other small fish swimming in shoals and not standing out.

The solution, if you are a small fish hoping to become an Internet success is to get yourself an Internet partner with the resources and infrastructure to turn your website into an online winner.

Link popularity can only be achieved by providing the quality and depth of content that other webmasters deem necessary to link to. It is not, as most people believe, acquired by exchanging thousands of pointless reciprocal links.