Exchanging links to increase traffic and link popularity works best when your website is already getting high volumes of traffic.

Before you set out on any link exchange campaign, your website has to have been designed for the search engines, optimised by professional search engine optimisers, and be getting high volumes of traffic through the search engines.

Failure to comply with this basic advice means you will be wasting your time and the time of busy webmasters. The only websites prepared to exchange links with you, will be other failing websites, more likely to drag you down the rankings and than help you up.

Exchanging links with other websites means you both have to see a mutual benefit. The alternative is the embarrassment of going cap in hand to a big hub site only to be ignored or rebuffed.

If you do not have the financial resources to have your website redeveloped and optimised, the solution is to go to an Internet Angel, or Internet business partner who have the resources to invest in an online strategy to turn your failing website into a winner.


There is a right way and a wrong way to set about exchanging links with other websites. The wrong way is to follow the advice you read on other websites and bombard all and sundry with reciprocal link exchange requests.

Despite everything you read about exchanging links, you don't need hundreds of links to generate high levels of quality traffic. What you need are ten or twenty related websites who are prepared to accept and provide quality web pages with well written content to host on each others websites.

You then provide relevant links within the text of the page to all participating websites prepared to host these web pages. This can take time to cultivate but is far more profitable than wasting your time trying to exchange links.

In order for this to work, you need to employ the services of a good search engine optimiser who understands how to write advertising copy for the Internet. The search engines like content but they also like pages that are correctly composed for their algorithms. Just sticking pages up on the Internet in the hope that they will be highly ranked is a pointless exercise.

Furthermore, every page you write must be different, you cannot place the same web pages on other websites as Google and the other search engines will simply dismiss them as copies.

However, given time and investment, with the cooperation of other websites, you will all build quality, relevant content, capable of generating high levels of traffic to each other.


You may already know some website owners who would be interested in exchanging links with you. With any luck, they may know others who also know other webmasters who are prepared to cooperate. It doesn't take long to get a circle of websites together in this fashion.

If you don't know any related websites, then your approach has to be professional, preferably by telephone, explaining clearly how you feel you can both benefit.

We do this with other websites, but before you start bombarding us with link page and link article exchange requests, your website needs to be attracting a minimum of 10,000 visitors a day before we will even consider and exchange.

We do, however, provide this facility as a paying service, if you are interested. Once your website is getting high levels of traffic, other webmasters are going to be approaching you from all angles. Be choosy, a poor performing website can drag you down if you link to too many of them. So think carefully and do your research before exchanging reciprocal links.