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Starting an internet business requires planning, investment, a comprehensive understanding of the internet, business skills and complete knowledge of your chosen market sector, competition and product or service. Bearing the above in mind; if you are exploring the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, there are also a number of qualities required to becoming a successful entrepreneur. These are qualities, not skills and therefore cannot be taught, only discovered within yourself. To be an internet entrepreneur you need to establish and operate a new business venture and assume accountability for the inherent risks involved.

To become a business entrepreneur you have to have complete faith in your market opportunity and product, be prepared to accept a high level of business, personal, professional and financial risk and have the capacity to pick yourself up everyday despite the financial and psychological knock backs you will undoubtedly receive.

Most entrepreneurs fail, not just because of a lack of business acumen but because they are unable to pick themselves up after even the most minor setbacks. So, if you a good idea for the internet that requires backing or business partners, the best business decision you could make right now is talk to us.

To help you decide if you have the qualities to become an entrepreneur and/or if your business idea has any chance of success, over the next few pages, we will be running a questions and answer interview with three of the internets leading internet entrepreneurs.

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