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Ecosulis are an ecological consultancy and contractors, specialising in arboriculture, protected species surveys, ecological and environmental assessment, habitat management, tree felling and landscaping.

ecosulis ltd is a consultancy and contracting company. Our consultants specialise in ecological and environmental assessments, protected species work, arboriculture and biodiversity management. Our contracting services specialise in ecological mitigation works, tree surgery, landscaping and environmental contracting services.

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ecosulis ltd is different to other consultancies in that we offer the full range of ecological and arboricultural contracting services in-house, through our experienced and qualified teams. We also have complete countryside management and landscaping services, ensuring that we offer continuity and added value throughout the lifecycle of projects.

Our main office is based in Bath and we have regional offices in Richmond, Monmouth and Chester. We have a combined resource of more than 70 staff and trusted associates, all working positively for our clients for over 16 years, ensuring that the project, legal and biodiversity needs are met.

We are ISO 9001 accredited and have insurance cover of £5 million for both professional and public purposes.

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