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Easy money * a business idea that will make you money in an easy way providing you are prepared to make a little effort and don't expect to grow rich overnight

For those of you who have patiently been waiting for me to explain this business idea, your wait is over. These web pages will explain the bare bones of the idea and allow you to decide if and how you wish to get involved in making some easy money. The main nuts and bolts of this money making idea will be revealed nearer the launch date.

This is just the first of a number of income generation business opportunities that we will be making available to members of Boogami Life.

As explained before, you can get involved as an online manager by paying a registration/setup fee of 150/$225; or you can get involved as an organiser and join with no set up fee. I would advise you to read everything before making your decision as to how you wish to get involved.

My company has carried out extensive research over the last few months via the internet and focus groups and have almost one thousand people who have expressed an interest in earning an additional income.

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The role of an Agency Director

Nick Mansell has been appointed as Head of Operations Director and is a welcome addition to the Where On Earth Group and comes with more than thirty years experience of recruitment, development and training behind him. Among Nick's multifaceted role will be the responsibility to recruit a number of Agency Directors who will report directly to him.

We have been researching this business idea for the last three months and are already well into our second month of developing the complex back end systems that will manage the financial side of the site. The official launch is expected to take place in late April.


Whilst there are plenty of websites trying to exploit this market place and many people involved in the business, none appear to have recognised how to take this idea and turn it into a viable commercial way of making easy money during this recession and afterwards.

We believe the market to be huge and on a global scale and will provide everyone who participates on any level with huge money saving and generous income possibilities. Having read the information provided here; should you have further questions please call 0033 and ask for Paul Herbert. So read on to learn about this easy way to make money.

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