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Earning money from the internet, starting an internet company on a shoestring budget without any experience or understanding of the search engines.

When I started my first internet company I had to explain to potential customers what a website was and how the internet worked. I recognised the enormous potential for earning money from the internet but it was a hard slog. Most people didn't have a computer and even fewer could conceive the idea of information being stored in cyberspace. How things have changed; now everybody is trying to make money on the internet.

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The internet however is a large graveyard of failed businesses. Most of these internet companies failed because they didn't understand what the internet actually is and how the search engines work. Most would have trundled off to a local website designer and got exactly what they wished for; a website that looked good and functioned perfectly. What they forgot to ask was if their website was built for the search engines - few are.

With an estimated 4 billion websites on the internet, most websites never get a single visitor through the search engines. Budding entrepreneurs have a website built for a few thousand pounds and expect to go global. That is like opening a market stall and trying to compete with the major supermarket chains.

To compete on a world wide basis on the internet requires enormous resources and backing from an internet company like us. Don't make that mistake; start small, target your local market and develop your business as you grow. There is nothing wrong in thinking big but learn to walk before you start to run.


Once you have proved that your business can earn money profitably on a local level, you need to expand it into other areas. There is no point in trying to expand it if you are not making a profit. There is no future in flogging a dead horse.

You can expand your profitable business in two ways. Develop your website on Utopele to attract clients from further a field or build another site and network the two together which is easily done. The second is to add additional related products or services. Once your business starts to grow, ideas will flow.

If your business really takes off and you are looking to compete on a National or global basis, you are going to need help and possibly backing, which is where my company will come in useful.

It is one thing to have an internet business that can be found amongst a few hundred thousand competing website; it is something else to have an internet site powerful enough to dislodge websites that have cost millions from the top ten of the search engines. These are the websites that are optimised for search terms that are being used by millions of people and competing against tens or hundreds of millions of web pages. This is where the big money can be made and lost and where expertise and investment is required.

Most websites fail because they try to global on a shoestring budget and are doomed to failure from the outset. Commonsense not business sense should tell you that a website costing a couple of grand is not going to be able to compete against the huge budgets that other companies are spending on their internet presence. The internet doesn't work like that; it is not a level playing field and small businesses stand no chance of competing against the corporate websites.

To understand what I am talking about, you need to know how the internet works.

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