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If you have stayed with me since the start of this article I will assume that you are serious about earning money from the internet. As explained, the best business ideas are usually so simple you wonder why no one has thought of it. Often they have, but that doesn't mean they can't be developed or improved. Making money from the internet is simple if you start out small and do your research.

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Obviously you have to have a business idea that includes supplying products or services that people are prepared to pay for. It has to be a service or product that people cannot source for free and there has to be a need or desire.

It can be absolutely anything, from selling shoelaces to rubbish clearance to bookkeeping. It is not about having a great idea it just needs to be something people need or want. Providing you make it affordable and competitively priced you will make sales.

You need to have a website that people can find through the search engines and you need to be able to supply your goods or service at a profit.

To succeed big time requires huge resources and we are looking for partners we feel are worth backing. However, we have to see proof that there is a market for a particular product or service which is why we recommend anyone who has an idea tests the water rather than come to us without doing their research. A good business idea doesn't always translate into a good business.


Most internet businesses fail due to naivety and a lack of understanding of what the internet is and how the search engines actually work. People pay for a website to be designed thinking that owning a website will automatically guarantee that people will find them. This is like arming yourself with a catapult and declaring war on the rest of the world. The business is doomed to failure from the start.

If you have a business idea, you should build yourself a website on Utopele and start out small, aiming at a local or regional market place. This is very simple to do and you could be in business today. It doesn't however mean you will be earning money today. All businesses take time to develop before you start to earn money from the internet.

Building your website just requires the ability to type and click and you should optimise your web pages so that potential customers in your town, county or state can find you. This is all explained on their site. Don't try and conquer the world at this point you will find that you have too much competition.

I will explain why it is far better to build a website on Utopele later on but I can assure you, your website will get far more visitors and therefore more sales than if you go to the expense of paying a designer to build you a website.

All businesses are interested in one thing - profit. You are not in business to make money; the bankruptcy courts are full of entrepreneurs who didn't realise or understand that there is a huge difference between making money and making a profit. Building your website on Utopele will save you money, prove far more profitable and give you total control over your content and marketing.


It really does not matter what your business is about, the only thing you need to succeed is customers and to get them you need traffic to your website. Obviously there has to be a demand for a product or service and it needs to be affordable but to earn money you must make sales.

Theoretically, there is someone out there who will buy anything at the right price. If someone is prepared to pay tens of thousands of pounds for half a cow that has been pickled in formaldehyde, whatever you are selling, you will find clients if enough people visit your website.

If you can make your business succeed on a local level then we can help you take it to the next stage by either taking national, global or perhaps selling of franchises. It is when you know you have a successful winning formula that you should contact us.

You cannot depend on search engine traffic to generate sales although visitors to your site through these mediums will be important. You should be looking at other ways of advertising and marketing to create brand awareness.

You also need to make sure your pricing is right. You need to know that you are selling your goods and services at a profit. This may seem blatantly obvious but many businesses don't realise that they are operating at a loss until it is too late. Be aware of what bills are likely to crop up at an inopportune time and manage your business by your cash flow.


Too many entrepreneurs taste a little success early on and think they have got it cracked. They rush out and buy a car on finance, open up offices and take on staff too early. Whilst you may have earned twenty thousand pounds in the first year only selling to customers on a local basis; this does not mean you can repeat this success across every town in the UK.

They drink beer in Yorkshire and wine in Sussex, listen to garage music in London and hip hop in Hull. Actually, I have no idea what they drink or listen to in any of these places but I think I have made my point.

However, having a success in one town or county does not guarantee a winning formula. They easiest way to discover if your business formula will work in another part of the country is to build another website on Utopele and gather the research. In reality, there is no reason why you can't keep doing this if you find the websites prove profitable. You could have a business in every town in the UK, generating profits for a ridiculously small outlay.

However to make it really big, you need to know the following:
  • How to develop your internet business

  • How the internet really works

  • How the search engines work

  • How to find potential customers or rather how they find you

  • How to make it big on the internet and make serious money
And in order to know the above you need to keep reading about how to earn money from the internet.

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