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Earning money from the 2012 London Olympics using internet advertising to position your website so that people find you.

Whilst most website owners will be trying to attract visitors using conventional marketing techniques, some will be tapping into the largest sporting event to promote their sales. Companies who are official suppliers to the London Olympics are likely to have paid a heavy price in the hope of making huge profits. I am going to show you how to earn money from the London Olympics on a budget of a couple of hundred quid.

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With billions of searches relating to the London Olympics being made through the search engines between now and 2012, it is essential that anyone who has a product or service that can be sold to the masses takes advantage of this huge marketing opportunity. Whilst you can't sell anything within the stadiums without permission, you can clean up on the internet.


Obviously, people are going to be looking for hotels and other accommodation in London but this is going to be at a premium and in short supply. Car hire, guest houses, restaurants and other tourist attractions are an obvious market who should all build web pages on Utopele especially if they are near London, but any business that has a product or service that can be sold through the internet should be exploiting this business opportunity to the full extent.

Whilst it is unethical and could get you in deep water to deliberately go after traffic that is looking for news and information about the London Olympics, there is nothing to stop you from attracting visitors to your website by including terminology that will attract the billions of potential clients searching the internet.

To try and give you an idea of how this works you need to understand the importance of networking your website with other websites through Utopele. You would be amazed at the business that can come your way simply by someone clicking on a link.

It is likely that Utopele is going to be carrying a mass of websites all aimed at attracting traffic from people sourcing information about the Olympics. By networking your websites, you are telling the other search engines that you are a large resource of related information and this will help to gain high rankings.

Now lets suppose someone has optimised their website for London theatre tickets and shows that are on during the Olympic games and are networked with your website which is optimised for evening dresses for special events during the London Olympics; in turn you are networked with a restaurant that is providing a special Olympic 2012 menu which in turn is linked to a London guesthouse near the Olympic stadium.

First of all, the search engines will know that your web pages are all linked together and carry information about the games. Second because of the mass of related content these sets of web pages are going to gain high rankings. Third, someone looking for a restaurant finds the first set of pages and then starts to explore all the websites within the network. High traffic must result in sales and I have mentioned just four ideas. The reality is you could be part of two hundred sites all attracting traffic for and from each other.

Plus of course there are other ways that private individuals can profit from the London Olympics.

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