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Most people would like to earn money at home and everybody would like to save money on the household bills. Put the two together and you have an excellent home based business opportunity where you can earn money helping people save money.

Whether you're looking for a flexible home-based business to generate additional money, an extra money stream for your business, a way of topping up your pension or a complete change of direction in your working life that will pay the type of money you are really worth, here is the real solution.

  • Substantial money potential by helping people save money on their home and business utility bills
  • Establish long term financial security with monthly residual money
  • Money paid for results - generous bonuses paid monthly
  • Large ongoing financial promotional bonuses (250 - 20,000)
  • Extremely low initial investment with no stock to buy, deliver or block up your garage
  • Minimal financial accounting - no cash to handle
  • You are in control - no bosses or employees to worry about
  • Flexible hours - earn money part-time or full-time
  • Full training and support - learn from the success of the Company's top money earners
  • Earn money whilst you are sleeping
  • Benefit from the long term success of the company - earn equity share options
  • Earn money by helping people save on household bills
  • 20 billion market place - virtually unlimited growth and money potential
  • 100% credible opportunity - this is an ethical, profitable and stock market listed British PLC
  • Benefit from the unique, innovative company car scheme
  • Exciting incentives and rewards - cars, holidays, cash bonuses and more
  • Earn money partnering one of the UK's fastest growing companies

Earn money through customer gathering bonuses of up to 45 and then an ongoing life-time residual income of up to 5.8%
  • Earn money every time one of your clients makes a telephone call
  • Earn money when they switch on a light
  • Earn money at home when they connect to the internet
  • Earn money every time one of your clients makes a mobile phone call
  • Earn money when they cook a meal
  • Earn money at home when they take a shower
  • Earn money every time one of your clients takes a bath
  • Earn money when they listen to the radio
  • Earn money whilst their fridge is running
  • Earn money at home every time one of your clients watches television
  • Earn money when they switch on the heating