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Earn an income on the Internet. Earning an income from the Internet is easier with good idea and a website that has been designed correctly.

Just having a great idea is not enough to guarantee you an income from the internet. With more than 4 billion internet sites all competing for business, your website will stand very little chance of success, unless it has been built for the search engines.

So, if you have an internet site, how can you tell if your website has been designed correctly?

As most websites are not designed for the search engines, the chances are that your website is one of those sites that never get found by the search engines. As a result, your dreams to earn an income from the Internet will founder. A simple test is to try a few pertinent searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If your website doesn't appear in the top 20 or 30 pages, then the likelihood is that you have employed a website designer who doesn't know how the search engines work.

If you are serious about earning an income through the Internet, you are now faced with two options.

Have your website redesigned by a website designer that understands the Internet.

Or if you don't have the financial resources to invest in a correctly designed website, find an Internet Partner willing to invest in your project for a share in the income.

Internet entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to earn an income on the Internet tend to fall into the following categories:
  • Foolish entrepreneurs who have an idea and think they can make a good income if they can find a cheap website designer they can afford.

  • Idiot entrepreneurs who are under the delusion that there is a get rich quick scheme somewhere that is going to make them a huge income.

  • Part time entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to make some extra income.

  • Internet Entrepreneurs that are already making money and are looking to diversify into other income generating markets.

  • Business entrepreneurs who have a good idea and understand that it requires significant investment but don't have the financial income to launch their new Internet business.
For every category of Entrepreneur looking to earn an income from the Internet, there are websites offering to help, or more likely help you part with your money. Most have legitimate but misguided intentions, others are simply scam websites with the sole intention of persuading you to part with your money.

Avoid any websites that do not provide landline contact telephone numbers as many hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and do not wish to have confrontational conversations with dissatisfied clients.

Websites that offer services offering to help would be entrepreneurs make their fortunes over the Internet tend to fall into the following categories:
  • Cheap website designers who will happily accept your money for designing you a website in the knowledge that you will never earn an income from it.

  • Pyramid, MLM and Networking websites that will happily take your money with the promise of easy quick riches that never come to fruition.

  • Websites that offer part time and full time income opportunities but charge a registration fee to join, only to discover that no work is ever available.

  • Website design companies that actually understand how the Internet works and design websites that are capable of generating an income through the search engines.

  • Business consultants that are looking to back and partner entrepreneurs who lack financial resources but have a good business idea for the Internet.
To succeed on the Internet you no alternative but to invest in a professionally built website, built by website designers who understand the Internet, marketing consultants who understand internet marketing, networkers who understand linking strategies, database programmers who understand how to build search engine friendly databases and search engine optimisers who understand search engine optimisation.

In short, you need your own full blown IT team with all these qualifications and high calibre IT personnel don't come cheap. This is why the big websites nearly always beat the little websites to the top of the search engines, which is why you need us.

Working with us will greatly improve your chances to earn a high income from the Internet from your website or Internet business idea.

If you believe your current website was a waste of money and don't have the financial resources to reinvest in a new design and build, or you have a good business idea and need some serious Internet business partners, talk to us and we will help you start earning an income from the Internet.

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