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Being overweight is not good for your baby as your babies health is controlled by your health. Being overweight during pregnancy can cause all sorts of complications but going on a mad diet to lose that weight can be even more dangerous for baby.

Your body needs the right level of vitamins, the correct nutrients and needs them in the proper levels delivered through a healthy diet. If you eat a healthy well balanced diet you are less likely to put on weight, less likely to get stretch marks and your baby will be receiving this best care possible whilst in your womb.

La Feytaud is a diet you can follow before, during and after pregnancy because it only contains naturally grown, healthy ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. You can eat well because you need to when you are pregnant, without piling on the pounds and if you are overweight, it can help you lose weight whilst pregnant without harming you baby.

It is simply a healthy way of eating that promotes a healthy body and as your baby is affected by what you eat, La Feytaud is ideal for your baby too.

Do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and cut right back on the coffee as these are dehydrants that will harm your baby and help cause nasty stretch marks. If you are trying for a baby your partner should also follow this example as they will affect his libido and sperm count.

Your hormones will be jumping about like a box of frogs and this is likely to cause bizarre food cravings. Deal with them if you believe they may be harmful to your baby because what you eat will determine your child's food preferences in later life. When my wife Julia was pregnant with our first child Samantha, Julia had cravings for beetroot in vinegar, even drinking the vinegar juice out of the jar. Twenty three years later, Samantha still loves beetroot.

Avoid all junk and processed foods. These contain chemicals and free radicals that can cause serious harm to your child and determine whether they will have weight problems in later life.

The pregnancy diet

Dieting to get pregnant

Following a decent healthy diet like La Feytaud during pregnancy will help you maintain a healthy weight and help prevent ugly stretch marks, will help you lose weight whilst providing your baby with the much needed nutrients it needs to develop and could even help you get pregnant if you are trying for baby.

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