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Being overweight or obese can cause problems when trying to get pregnant. Many overweight women have difficulty falling pregnant due to their diet and weight. In fact many IVF specialists now refuse to provide treatment to obese women until they have lost weight. It is very important that when a couple start trying for a baby that they try and make themselves as healthy and as fit as possible.

For some women being overweight may affect their ovulation. Carrying excess weight can disrupt a woman's regular monthly cycle, make it difficult for her to ovulate, and often impossible to determine exactly when she is ovulating. Irregular periods at irregular times can make the act of trying for a baby far more difficult.

The effect that being overweight or obese has on ovulation is down to the excess production of the female hormone estrogen. Most women who are overweight carry excess fat tissue and this can lead to producing an excess of estrogen. This excess estrogen is the cause of an hormonal imbalance that affects the women's ovulation.

Both partners should stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and reduce their coffee intake. Smoking by both the male and female can significantly affect their fertility and may stop them falling pregnant.

For men, excessive exercise can reduce the sperm count for two reasons. Continuous strenuous exercise can cause heat to build up around the testicles and too much exercise can produce high levels of adrenal hormones that lower testosterone. Male infertility or a low sperm count can be genetic, but it can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle excess weight, smoking, alcohol and stress.

Being exposed to heat or toxins for prolonged periods of time, chemotherapy, or having had viral infections like German measles or mumps as an infant or adult can lead to male infertility. If you are having trouble falling pregnant it is always advisable to have the man's sperm count tested first.

Synthetic estrogens found in battery farmed poultry, cattle feeds and processed foods that can make up a junk food and takeaway diet can also lead to infertility or low sperm count in a man.

The body keeps a man's testicles about half a degree cooler than your core body temperature because a man's sperm is sensitive to increased heat. Men make their partners pregnant should avoid any activity or place that raises the temperature of their scrotum. Only take warm baths, avoid saunas and Turkish baths and steam rooms, tight fitting underwear, long flights or road trips and hot working conditions.

I don't recommend you hanging your bollocks in a bowl of ice either, especially if the ice is being used for a dinner party that evening.

Whilst La Feytaud is a healthy diet and lifestyle, if you are having trouble falling pregnant, it cannot help if your problems are medical and not diet related. You should always seek a medical opinion before attempting any self diagnosis. Once your doctor confirms that your problem is not medical but simply or diet and lifestyle that is the time to subscribe to La Feytaud.

If either partner is overweight or obese it can reduce their fertility. This is particularly the case with women and as being overweight not only reduces your chances of getting pregnant (even with IVF) it also drastically increases the chance of a miscarriage.

It is essential that if you or your partner is overweight that you reduce your weight in a healthy way and La Feytaud can help you do this. I would recommend you start La Feytaud at least 3 months prior to any attempt to fall pregnant as it will help clear your body of any toxins.

You should also start to take regular exercise as this is a key factor in losing weight and can also help reduce the stress levels associated with infertility.

Folic acid (folate) is a vitamin found in fresh vegetables in particular and is used to make new cells in the body. The body cannot retain very much folic acid so you need a regular fresh supply to keep healthy. La Feytaud is a diet rich in Folic acid and pregnant women in particular need a generous supply as it is needed by the developing baby. The fresher the vegetable the higher the folic acid content which is why I bang on about having your own garden patch. Fresh vegetables including spinach, broccoli, brussel-sprouts, green beans and potatoes are rich in Folic acids and some breads and breakfast cereals are fortified with folic acid. Just go easy on the bread and spuds.

I believe that the occasional glass of red wine, especially a Margaux or St Emilion won't do you any harm whilst you are trying for a baby and indeed may even help in relieving stress levels. Everything in moderation. After you have the baby, a glass of red wine is recommended of an evening with your evening meal on this diet.

It is important that both of you follow La Feytaud as many people who subscribe to the diet don't just lose weight, they also find their sex lives improve dramatically, which is why in France, where La Feytaud originated it is called the sex diet.

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