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Protecting children from obesity doesn't start from childbirth it starts in the womb. A child's future development and preferred diet can be directly affected by what a mother eats whilst pregnant. A pregnant women's bad diet can be attributed to weight problems, eating habits, asthma and allergies in children.

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All this is common knowledge, yet pregnant women continue to poison their systems and their babies by continuing to eat junk food, smoke, drink alcohol, follow a poor diet and even take drugs. Alternatively, they follow a poor diet because they are fearful of gaining weight during pregnancy and starve their baby of the nutrients it needs to form properly and grow in the womb.

The fact is that men and women are overweight because the eat more than their bodies can cope with. Following a healthy diet like La Feytaud and simply eating sensibly is all you need to do whilst pregnant. If you are not overweight you will not gain excessive pounds and if you are overweight, you will lose weight whilst you are pregnant. This will not harm your baby; in fact, the fact you are losing weight will help your body sustain your child by allowing your organs to function more efficiently. La Feytaud carries all the natural ingredients and nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy body whilst pregnant and there should be little need to supplement your diet with other nutrient supplements unless your doctor advises differently.

Bad diets can cause obesity and infertility in both men and women and can be directly attributed to the decline in fertility, sex drive and low sexual libidos in both men and women in the western world. Young people are abusing their bodies by eating the wrong foods and eating and drinking to excess and then crying about the fact that they have damaged their reproductive processes and expecting the medical profession to sort them out.

People have to take responsibility for their bodies and not expect a doctor to sort out the damage after the event. Obesity is the single largest cause of infertility, heart disease, diabetes and a list as wide as your waist band of other physical ailments.

NHS consultants have at last started to refuse to treat obese women with fertility problems until they lose weight but they are failing to ensure that these women continue to follow a healthy diet both during and after pregnancy and therefore protect the unborn baby and child when it is born.

Is it in the interests of any unborn child to treat an obese women for infertility if she cannot or will not control her eating habits. Obese parents, due to their excessive and poor eating habits tend to inflict obesity on their children. This is not fit parenting and certainly unfair to bring any baby into the world that is more likely to suffer at the hands of irresponsible overweight parents.

Human rights activists and the Politically Correct Brigade obviously start to beat their chests with screams of indignation about the rights of fat people to receive the same treatment as everyone else. However, as this is a form of self inflicted chemical castration, overweight and obese couples have only themselves to blame.

Children have a right to be protected from parents who cannot or will not control their eating habits. If an expectant or want to be mother has no self control over what she eats, she could seriously damage her child either before it is born or after child birth.

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Diet when pregnant * infertility problem due to bad diet * obese women * overweight men * maintaining weight whilst pregnant * best diet for baby

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