Dieting and weight loss made simple - just eat yourself slim and watch the weight fall off
  • No calorie counting or point scoring
  • No strenuous exercise
  • No weighing or measuring food
  • Normalises and controls your diet
  • High energy
  • Eat nearly all of your favourite foods
Bored with Diets? Does your weight Yo-Yo? Do you lack energy when on a diet? Depressed about your weight? Lack the motivation to diet? Do skin problems accompany your weight loss? Does being over weight affect your love life? Is being over weight affecting your career? Does tiredness accompany your weight loss? Does being over weight affect your confidence? Tried all the diets without success? Looking for a weight loss programme (program) that works? Serious about losing weight? Now looking for a diet that works and comes with support ?

If you can say yes to more than two of these questions, then La Feytaud lifestyle diet is the answer to your weight loss problems.

We know all about the problems of being over weight. We've been there, read the books, scraped off the film and eaten the cereals, and the toast, the muffins, the cream cakes, the crisps and the meat pies. It was only when we accepted that the chickens had come home to roost and we had eaten them all, that we decided to do something about it.

If you are serious about losing weight, looking for a diet program that really works, need support and want a weight loss programme that you will find easy to follow - we can help.

The first step is to make this website your home page so that you have help on tap everyday and so that every time you log on, you are reminded of your main goal in life.

La Feytaud lifestyle diet is dedicated to people like you. People who are unhappy about how they look, even to the point of being depressed, fed up with their weight going up and down and bored with diets that promise the earth and taste like it too.

Please take the time to explore this diet website before subscribing.

You are no different to anyone else with a weight problem. We all like our chocolate and cakes, we all fall to temptation even when we know we shouldn't, we all get depressed about the way we look and we all want to lose weight. We just need a bit of support and guidance along the way, to remain motivated and on track.

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