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The latest league tables for Coronary Heart Disease Statistics drawn up by the British Heart Foundation gives figures for the age adjusted death rates per 100,000 head of population aged 35-74 in England and Wales in 1990 as 448 for males and 167 for females. In Greece the figures were 218 and 69, in Italy 193 and 59, and in France 101 and 32. In short, more than four times as many English/Welsh men and five times as many English/Welsh women die from heart disease as their French counterparts - a frightening difference, and one that has existed as long as they have been collecting statistics. As the English have reduced their mortality rates in the past decade from 587 and 199 in 1980 the French have achieved better reductions by comparison, from 172 and 50.

The French also happen to be the slimmest nation in Europe, their children play more sports, they all appear to be more active and yet eat exceptionally well. In fact eating should be considered their first religion.

La Feytaud Lifestyle Diet takes the best of French cuisine, a taster of other Mediterranean diets, adds a number of ingredients that are generally considered to be good for the heart and arteries, includes a number of specialist foods that can help burn fat and Voila - you have a diet that is being eaten by more people in Europe than any other diet.

La Feytaud could reduce your weight and your food bill by up to 50% and without a slimming pill or diet bar and milkshake in front. Plus every supermarket in Europe and the UK and many in the USA stock all La Feytaud lifestyle diet ingredients. You most likely walk past them every time you make your way to the junk food sections.

This is a 5 course typical meal and even if you ate like this everyday for the rest of your life and did a little light exercise, you would lose weight and keep the pounds off.

Unlike most diets, you actually won't feel as if you are dieting. You are probably like most people where the moment you say you have to lose weight and go on a diet you make yourself a bacon sandwich. La Feytaud won't make you feel like that. You won't feel hungry, your weight will drop and you will gain energy and feel fitter by the month.

It is a diet and lifestyle that can be used by all the family.
  • Help you lose weight fast

  • Help keep the weight off long term

  • Increase muscle

  • Reshape you body without plastic surgery

  • Raise your sexual libido

  • Improve your skin tone

  • Help reduce facial wrinkles and lines

  • Help tighten saggy skin

  • Improve your energy levels

  • Make you feel fitter

  • Change you life for the better

  • Strengthen finger nails

  • Improve the condition of your hair
If you want to lose weight and protect yourself from coronary heart disease, La Feytaud plays an important role in helping to fight heart disease.

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