A diet, any diet, is only as good as you. if you have tried diets in the past but ended up bingeing during the day or of an evening, it is because your body is craving the nutrients and vitamins that the diet is denying you. La Feytaud lifestyle diet requires no supplements, no special diet products, no protein powders, no candy bars, no magic pills or any other diet rubbish.

The only thing you will need to supplement this diet is the occasional glass or two or red wine. I know that's going to be hard but you will just have to suffer along with the rest of us.

The diet is full of vitamins, nutrients, protein and is a well balanced healthy way of losing weight by eating correctly 3 times a day. Other diets, will insist on selling you their vitamin pills, chalky milkshakes, cereal bars that taste like dried crap or packet soup that tastes like it has been regurgitated.

With La Feytaud, you are not going on a diet, you are changing your lifestyle for the better. You will be eating 3 or 4 course meals, feeling that you have eaten a fantastic meal and will shed pounds easily.

Diet control is about approaching a diet with the correct mental attitude and this requires humour as much as anything else. It is important that you enjoy your diet, remain focused on why you are dieting and how you want to look. You will love this lifestyle diet, eat well and become fitter every day.

Trying to convince yourself that you are happy being fat, that you don't eat that much, it's your metabolism or not your fault fools no one. A healthy diet requires a healthy mental approach to diet control. Keep your sense of humour.

A man says to his doctor "I'm fat and I don't understand why."

"What do you eat during an average day?" asks the doctor.

"Well, for breakfast, I normally have half a dozen rashers of bacon, six sausages, three slices of fried bread, mushrooms, baked beans and four slices of toast. Around about 11.00am I have a couple of cream cakes. For lunch I have a couple of large pizzas. Of an evening I always have a roast dinner with a dozen potatoes and all the trimmings and before I go to bed I have a couple of bacon sandwiches." says the man.

The doctor asks him to strip and bend over which the man does whilst the doctor walks behind the man for a close inspection.

"Ah I see what your problem is" says the doctor.

"Really, what is it?" says the man.

"You've only got one anus." says the doctor.

La Feytaud cannot solve the problem of only have one anus, and until surgeons can come up with a solution to this problem, we will all need to eat sensibly.

Being over weight can make you depressed and this leads to comfort eating and piling on the calories. But being on a diet, if you feel that you are punishing yourself by not eating those treats you love so much can make you equally as miserable. You will not suffer from this problem with the La Feytaud lifestyle diet.

When you first start out on a diet, it is usual to feel tired and lethargic. This is normal because your body is having to adjust to a new regime. You won't suffer from this problem either. In fact you are more likely to feel more energetic.

What ever you do, do not keep high calorie snacks in the house. Start by clearing all the junk food, crisps, biscuits etc our of your cupboards. You are not doing yourself or anyone in your household any favours by buying this rubbish.

Changing your eating habits also requires changing the way you eat. People who are over weight tend to eat quickly and as a result, even after a substantial meal, they tend to feel that they have not eaten a lot because of the time it took to consume their food.

As a child, were you ever told to chew every mouthful 20 times to aid your digestion? Try doing this now.

Don't cut your food up and then just eat it with a fork. This leads to the habit of shoveling food into your mouth before you have finished chewing the previous mouthful. Sit at the dining or kitchen table; use a knife and fork correctly and put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. This is not just good etiquette, it is good dietary advice. You will slow your eating down, enjoy your food more and feel that you have eaten far more than you really have. This is because your brain is being given time to catch up with your stomach.

La Feytaud will help you cut your meal sizes down although you will be eating 3 or 4 courses. In time, your stomach will shrink, you will feel more full and receive no hunger pangs. A reduction of 10% intake per week over a four week period will lead to a 40% reduction in food intake. This is a marathon not a sprint.

If you still feel hungry after a meal, wait twenty minutes. You stomach has to catch up with your mouth.

Keep yourself busy, especially your hands. Overweight people tend to eat due to boredom, sitting around, watching the television, putting on calories and doing nothing to burn them off. It's all about leading a common sense healthy lifestyle.

Being over weight puts undue pressure on your heart and makes you feel tired. As you lose weight, you will feel more energised, more alert, need less sleep and feel the need to exercise, walk and do manual jobs around the house.

You will need to start doing light physical exercise like walking to accompany your weight loss regime, it is important you take clinical or professional advice from your doctor or physical trainer before you start.

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