Design my own website, how to build your own website in a day and be doing business online in a week.

The problem with most websites, whether they are built by website designers or designed by a novice is they don't get any search engine traffic. If you want to design your own website and do business online, the best way to do it is to build a website on Utopele.

If the search engines highly rank large sites with masses of content that are getting huge volumes of traffic with large quantities of inbound links, a small, new website stands no chance.


  • It's easy, all you do is type and click

  • It's fast, you can be in business within hours

  • You are shown how to optimise your website to get the maximum traffic

  • You can upload photographs

  • You have control over the content and can manage and edit the site 24/7

  • You don't have to pay a website designer to make changes

  • You can manage your own online marketing

  • You will get higher search engine rankings

  • You can manage your own linking strategies

  • Utopele is a search engine that all the other major search engines index

  • Your web pages will be found by all the major search engines

  • You can build up to 12 pages

  • You can have a forum

  • You can link your site into any existing sites you own

  • Everything is automated, you don't need any technical skills

You can start building your website now.