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Q. Do you see the role of the website designer as the most important?

David. Of course the website designer is important and we employ some of the best in the business but I don't think any of us think that their role is more important than the other. We all depend on each other to ensure any website design contract works out exactly as planned.

Leo. I have to agree. A website has to look good and function seamlessly but it needs the optimizer to ensure it is found by the search engines. If a website looks ugly, visitors aren't going to hang around and if the database elements are not correct, then it is another reason to lose visitors. We all need each other in this business.

Q. Why did your companies form this business working partnership.

David. Where On Earth had been looking for a team of website designers for some time that was capable of handling their big design projects. Divadani Design were chosen from hundreds of website designers that Where On Earth had been using because of our design capabilities. Likewise, we had a huge need for a team of search engine optimizers who genuinely knew what they were doing. It soon became clear that both companies had complimentary services that fitted exactly into the existing gaps in our business models. Where On Earth specialise in Internet advertising, marketing and search engine optimization and Divadani Design concentrate on website design and business lead generation. The Internet is about sharing and cooperation and this business partnership has worked out perfectly because we can both offer a far wider yet specialist service to clients.

Q. So why did you choose Divadani Design as your website designers?

Leo. The first thing that struck us was the websites they had built for our other clients. After having used hundreds of website designers, their websites stood out as crisp and visually pleasing on the eye. We also had to find designers who could build websites that could be optimised without interfering with the design. The vast majority of web designers do not design websites for the search engines which we find incredible, so most designers were dismissed as amateurs before we even started. Divadani Design were already building professional websites that looked good but could be adapted to suit our needs.

Q. Can you explain what you mean by websites not being designed for the search engines?

David. Most website designers will focus on design and the overall look and feel of a website. Whilst their clients will be pleased with the look, they will soon become disappointed with the performance of the site in the search engines. There are thousands of website designers who are using nothing but templates to design cheap budget sites which are just a waste of money. Some website designers even use design and programming methods that make it impossible for the search engines to read the content.

Q. What advice would you give a company that is looking for a good website designer?

Paul. Use the search engines to find a website designer. You need to do several searches like: competitive website designer - professional website designer - innovative website designer - website optimizers - website designers - optimizers etc. Look at which designers are consistently in the top ten or twenty. This is because any website can be in the top ten for one search and the designer may not know or understand why. If they are not consistently in the top ten or twenty organic results on Google, then they will not be able to get your website into the important high ranking results either. If your website isn't found by the search engines, you haven't got a website as far as other people using the search engines are concerned. And don't what ever you do, employ a friend or someone locally because it is convenient. If you don't know what you are talking about, every website designer will appear to be an expert, which they are not. We speak to so many people who have had websites built by people they describe as whiz kids with computers and are shocked when we start to explain what the problems are with their websites. You wouldn't go to your GP to have brain surgery, so don't use just any website designer to build you a website if you have a serious Internet business idea.

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