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Choosing the right website design company to build your website is one of the most important commercial decisions any company can make. Few design companies fully understand the search engines and even fewer designers can design a website that will perform at a level capable of generating a profit for the owner.


1. Divadani Design are a highly respected and innovative firm of website designers. They design websites using the latest design techniques without compromising high search engine performance. Divadani Design work in conjunction with the Where On Earth Group who network all their websites and Scopula SEO to optimise websites for the search engines.

2. The Where On Earth Group are Europe's largest internetwork managing hundreds of websites and handle all the linking strategies and marketing. They have been using Divadani Design to design their websites since early 2006.

3. These design companies use Scopula SEO to optimise their websites to gain high search engine rankings. Scopula SEO make no upfront charges for their services, preferring to invoice once they succeeded in achieving the search engine results they agreed.

Employing these companies to create your website, means you are benefiting from the skills and experience of a large team of specialists considered to be amongst the best in their fields of expertise.


We continue our interview with the directors of a leading website design company, (David Miles of Divadani Design) database programming (Leo Osseweijer of the Where On Earth Group) and search engine optimization firm (Paul Herbert of Scopula SEO). All three are recognised as being at the top of their chosen fields. Click here to go to the start of this interview.

Q. Do you consider many other website design companies to be serious competition?

David. Last time I did a search on Google for website design companies, there were about 500 million pages indexed. Most claim to be professional and competitive but if you know what you are looking for, the majority of them have not even built their own websites in a way that the search engines will rank them. Most are no more than a nuisance factor but we are in a business where someone with a basic knowledge can appear to be an expert to the inexperienced. Good professional website companies are few and far between but we believe we offer something unique in the design world. Our problems tend to start where a potential client has been speaking to an amateur with a basic design programme and quoted a ridiculous price. Sometimes, it is difficult to explain to a potential client the huge differences between a website that is built for the search engines and a knock off that will look OK but nor perform.

Q. How do you overcome this kind of problem?

David. If we are dealing with a successful business person or another professional, it is far easier than dealing with a small business that is looking at start up costs and thinking they are saving money. Invariably, a company that has chosen the cheaper option will come back to us when they realise they have wasted their money. Often, the website they initially contracted can only be discarded as it is often more expensive to sort the problems out than to start again. So, it is a matter of demonstrating the income possibilities from a professionally designed website as opposed to a website knocked up on a template that is going to do nothing for their business.

Paul. There isn't a simple solution to this problem. These designers know that the websites they build aren't going to give any return on their investment, but there is no law against building worthless websites and no control over who can call themselves a website designer or search engine optimizer. We hate having to tell clients that come to us for SEO services that their website is useless and has to be discarded because we need to start again from scratch. Most of these people are small businesses that couldn't afford to waste their money in the beginning and thought they were getting something that would earn them money. It's a hard lesson that many small businesses have to learn before coming to us.

Q. Are these other website design companies a real problem?

Leo. I don't think so but it is usually Paul or another member of his staff who often has the task of sorting the problems out. When a small company is hemorrhaging money because they have employed an unqualified website designer to build what is essentially their online business, it is an awful position to be in and have to explain to them that they have poured good money down the drain.

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Website design and search engine optimization combined can turn a poor performing website into a high performance money earning business. Don't leave the design and optimization of your website in the hands of an amateur.