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Corporate website design for large, medium and small businesses. Professional website designers designing some of the best websites on the Internet.

The Where On Earth Group is a Corporate website design company specialising in innovative Corporate websites with unique bespoke designs, innovative content management systems, powerful search engine optimisation and robust database applications

Working with Divadani Design and Scopula SEO, we are a website design company that create business websites designed to attract visitors through the search engines using a variety of proven search engine optimisation techniques.

If you are a business working in a competitive corporate market where you need a high performance website designed for the search engines, you need look no further.


Our corporate web design firm create the best website design solutions for discerning companies keen to profit from the Internet. We design, build and manage websites to the highest custom, bespoke quality for ambitious corporate and large, medium and small business companies that expect a financial return on their website investments.


If you are a corporation, you will know the importance of profiting from customers visiting your website through the search engines, in which case, your choice of website design company is cut from tens of thousands down to no more than a handful.

The real test is to go to any search engine and do a few searches related to your product or service to see how many web pages they have indexed for businesses related to you. Tens of millions or hundreds of millions?

Then ask any professional website design company if they are confident of getting your website into the top ten for key phrases that you specify. If they say yes - ask them to demonstrate on Google with websites they have built that are in the top ten of Google for competitive search phrases. Not a search phrase that no one will ever use. Also make sure you check how many pages Google has indexed for each search. It must be more than 50 million pages indexed to be realistic.

Most website design firms will dodge this issue and try and persuade you that design is everything and that it is unrealistic to expect your website to gain top ten rankings du to the immense competition. It most certainly is not, and if your website isn't found in the top ten of the search engines, especially Google, you will be missing out the highest most profitable income sources.

At least five websites have to be in the top ten of Google if they all have two pages indexed and it should be your website.


Corporate website design is not just about how your website looks to a potential client. It is more about performance, it is really about generating high levels of related traffic to your website that turn into enquiries and ultimately into sales. Like every part of your business, it is about making a profit - not a loss. There are tens of millions of websites on the web that get only the occasional visitor let alone generate an enquiry and heaven forbid a sale. Most website owners don't know what an Internet sale looks like. There website was money wasted because these websites were not designed for the search engines.

When you speak to us, the first thing you will realise is that we are nothing like other website design firms. We innovate, we design websites using unique technologies and systems, developed by us, that other website designers do not know about.

This is why the websites we build for our clients, out perform their competitors and deliver the levels of quality traffic needed to obtain realistic financial returns. Your website is an investment in your business, we take the duty of designing websites seriously.


The very fact that you found this website on the Internet should convince you of the importance of being found through the search engines. Of course there are thousands of website design companies out there, but you won't find a company on your doorstep who can do this for you.

The best type of corporate website design can increase sales through higher traffic volumes, reduce overheads, greatly improve communication between clients and deliver higher levels of customer awareness through website optimisation and linking programmes.

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