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La Feytaud diet and lifestyle was developed to prevent obesity in my children whilst helping them to grow tall and strong; and as a solution to bullying problems in early childhood, not because of their weight but because they were foreigners in France. It is a diet based on highly nutritious and vitamin rich food that can be used as a safe weight loss diet.

Childhood obesity most likely starts in the womb. From the moment of conception, what you eat and drink whilst pregnant will have a direct affect on the type of food your child will want to eat throughout their life. If you choose to pollute your body with junk food, you will also be polluting your child and your child will almost certainly gain a penchant for junk food.

Children who are overweight, fat or even clinically or morbidly obese will suffer from bullying problems. These bullying problems can range from name calling to physical attacks from other children; being sidelined socially and deliberate or inadvertent bullying from teachers who will point them out as examples, or leave them out of team events.

Obese children will most likely lack confidence and social skills, lead sedentary lives and suffer from depression as a result. The solution is always to encourage the child to lose weight through a healthy well balanced diet and to organise regular physical activity. This requires the parents to take a responsible position where dietary requirements are necessary and for the family to participate in physical activities until the child has the confidence and prowess to go it alone.

Obesity is very rarely a genetic disorder. Obesity does not run in a family due to slow metabolisms or inherited genes. The reasons that obese families exist is simply because the whole family eats too much and eats the wrong food.

If your child is obese or you are trying to find the solution to prevent them becoming obese, La Feytaud as a diet for the whole family is the best solution. You are going to have to make a number of decisions that will determine how your child develops into a young adult. After that, the solution will be out of your hands.

The E-book and forum provide an enormous amount of advice for parents who are trying to control their child's eating habits. Everything from children who are difficult eaters; children that will eat everything and children who will only eat junk food. As a parent the responsibility rests entirely on your shoulders and your child may well need some form handling to wean him or her off their junk food diet or binge eating.

This is the point where your child is going to need all your love and support and be made fully aware that you are going to be working with him or her every step of the way. It is essential that they understand that this is a journey you are taking together.

Change your shopping habits, change the family diet and you will change the course of your child's life for the better for ever. Fail to act and you are condemning your child to an early grave.

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