Cheapest life insurance is the assurance that pays out and can provide a pension for your loved ones for life.

In all my years of selling life insurance I must have heard every insult and objection that could be thrown at me on the doorstep. Experience gave me the advantage of being able to throw back a witty remark or retort to leave any big mouth who thought he or she was above me opened mouthed. It wasn't a matter of being rude it was more to ensure I could walk away knowing the person was watching me still trying to come up with a wisecrack of their own.

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This was my armour, along with the fact that I knew I was most likely earning more in a night than most people earned in a week. Armed with this knowledge, I could cope with the insults and abuse many people hurled at me simply because I knocked on their door trying to sell them life insurance or pensions. In fact, like any comedian, I had an armoury of well rehearsed adlibs I could bring into use anytime I needed them. And I needed them a lot.

"Is that fuck off forever or until Thursday at four?" Was my standard response to anyone rude enough to tell me to F off.

"Yes but have you read the small print?" If they told me that God was their insurance.

People seemed to think if they had a life insurance policy they had done the job and were well covered. Those prepared to listen always discovered they had inadequate cover when they did the sums.

"How much would you need to win on the pools in order to retire?" I would ask; the lottery hadn't been invented back then. They would come up with some enormous figure. "Well according to your policies, you are insured for 10% of that should you die tomorrow and as death is a permanent retirement, you expect your wife to live on 10% of what you would like to live on." The wife would usually step in at this point with a comment like, "you selfish bastard" or something similar and I would sit back and let her do the job for me.


Door knocking wore out shoes and wore down morale but it also built character. There were times when I would set myself a target of knocking on 100 doors in a day. I remember one particular day when I had failed to make an appointment and just kept going. On something like the ninety-seventh door I was greeted with, "crikey you must be psychic, I was just saying to my wife that I need to buy some life insurance."

I was invited in and sold a whole of life, a personal retirement plan and a savings plan for the children. Total commission came to a little over 600, not bad money for a days work even back then but more importantly I had earned about 6.00 for every door I had knocked on. This is what kept me going because I knew that for every "No" I got, I was getting closer to a "Yes."

Every rebuff, every insult and every door that wasn't answered earned me money. That is what kept me going and what kept every life insurance salesman looking for their next sale.

There was no such thing as bad insurance, I didn't sell the best policies on the market, I didn't know who did, it couldn't be measured like that; all I knew was that it was important that people's lives were well insured.

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