Cheap websites, simple easy instructions to follow for anyone launching a small internet business for the first time.

The problem that all small businesses face when starting out on the internet is cash flow and that is why they opt for cheap websites. Utopele is the best solution because it is economic and more likely to generate business through the search engines.

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Go to Google and type in any search related to your business. Google is likely to return hundreds of thousands if not millions of web pages that are all fighting to get into the top ten results. These websites are your competition and many of them will be large companies investing fortunes in their internet strategies.

You can wander off to any cheap website company and they will happily build you a perfectly good looking website for what appears to be a very reasonable price. However, what they won't tell you is; your website will stand no chance of being found at the top of any search engine, will get very little traffic and most likely never earn you a penny in revenue. In short, your website will be a complete waste of money.

The reasons for this are because most of the search engines:

  • Are looking for large websites that carry a lot of content and are therefore important and most relevant to a search

  • That are well established

  • Are getting lots of traffic

  • Have high numbers of inbound links to internal pages

  • Are constantly being updated and having pages added

The simple solution to these problems is to build your own website on Utopele for the following reasons:

  • You will be building your own web pages on an existing internet site with masses of content and your new pages will be treated as part of an important website

  • Utopele is already established and your web pages will be treated accordingly

  • You will be adding pages to a site that is already getting high traffic levels

  • Links to Utopele are being added all the time

  • The site is being added to all the time and members are constantly making changes and updating pages meaning the search engines are constantly revisiting.

In short, you are not building a new site, you are simply adding pages to an existing site that gets masses of visitors. Read on to discover why Utopele is a far better solution to paying a designer to build cheap web sites.