Cheap website design for new internet businesses, your new website could be up and running within 8 hours and making you money within a few days.

The problem with opting for a cheap website design is always the fact that small websites cannot compete against the huge websites that dominate the internet. Cheap website design has always and most likely will be a waste of money. This is why we developed Utopele as an economic solution to provide small and start up businesses with a way to start an internet business with every chance to succeed.

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Utopele is a search engine that allows you to build static web pages within the directory that can be found through all the search engines. Not just found, but highly ranked because the programming behind Utopele helps you optimise your pages for Google and the other major search engines to maximise traffic.

Small, cheap websites have little chance of getting the high levels of traffic your business needs simply because they are competing against larger websites that have cost and continue to cost a lot of money. Building your website on Utopele means you are simply adding more pages to a huge site that gets lots of traffic and as a result, the search engines treat your web pages as more important and relevant to any given search.

Advice and tips are provided in abundance on the website and you will find it fast and simple to build your site. No knowledge of website design is required. It is just a matter of typing and clicking as the programme sets all the pages out for you. Most people can get their websites up and running in a day and you can keep returning to make changes and updates.

This is the best alternative to cheap web site design.