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Our dilemma was not our inability to build a cheap website, it was the fact that we knew the client would be wasting their money. There are hundreds of millions of cheap websites on the internet that have never generated a single penny in income for their owners and we weren't prepared to take their money.

Rather than continue to turn business away because we knew these clients were going elsewhere; to website designers prepared to take their money, it was decided to come up with an economic solution. A system that enabled anyone to be able to build a cheap website that would be capable of getting top search engine rankings and make them money.

The problem that all new websites face from the search engines is the fact that they are in competition with other websites operating in their market place and often the websites in competition run into millions. In order for any search engine to rank a website in its top ten organic results it must decide which websites are the most important and relevant to any given search.

The search engine algorithms generally rank websites in order of relevance and importance by looking at the level of related content held on the site, the number of visitors the website receives and the number of inbound links from other websites to pages held on the site.

The dilemma that all small businesses face when starting out on the internet is they lack the financial resources to invest in a website capable of beating the big websites to the top of the search engines. Small cheap websites simply do not have a chance against websites that have had hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on them, sometimes for more than a decade.

Utopele was the solution we came up with for small businesses that need to profit from the search engines, need to get their foot on the internet ladder but have a small budget and therefore have to settle for cheap websites.