Cheap web sites can get high search engine rankings if you follow our simple advice and build you own web site. You don't need to pay a web site designer to build you a cheap web site, Utopele is a far better alternative.

There is not a day goes by that we don't get approached by someone who has had a cheap web site built by a website designer and wants to find out why they are not getting any search engine traffic.

The answer nearly always is:

  • The web site is not built for the search engines

  • It hasn't been optimised

  • The site is too small and insignificant

  • The search engines can't read the pages

  • The search engines don't know it exists

  • It is trying to compete against millions of other web sites

  • It doesn't have enough content

  • There are no inbound links (or not enough)

  • It was a total waste of money

The internet is not a level playing field. The fortunes being made on the internet are being made by companies with huge financial resources. If you are a start up business and want to compete, you need to have a site or web pages that the search engine consider to be most relevant and important to any related search. This is why you need to build your own web site on Utopele.

Building your own website is fast, simple and economic and you will be doing more business far quicker than paying for a cheap website design.