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Knowing which country is the best place to invest in property, understanding the property markets and not getting your fingers burnt as a result of ignorance of the property laws are just a few reasons to use our property finder service. Is it still possible to find cheap property in Spain? Where are the cheapest apartments in Turkey? Is there such as thing as a cheap villa in Portugal? Should you invest in low cost property in Morocco and where are the best deals in France? These and other questions are things you need to be able to answer.

Property investors in the know make money; many that follow lose their shirts and all because they didn't seek the right advice.

Our property finders are based in all the areas where we operate. They understand the property markets, they know where the best deals are to be found, where investment properties are likely to provide the best growth and rental returns and where no one in their right mind should buy a property.

Ours is a free service because it is the estate agents and developers who pay our fees. Our service costs you nothing but can save you money and stop you making a huge mistake if you don't fully understand what you are doing.

Is Spain still a good bet as far as property investment is concerned? Have the French got too greedy? Is Morocco a sensible investment? Will Turkey and Bulgaria deliver all they promise? Why is Portugal still so popular? Is Slovakia the next golden goose?

How much do you know about overseas property investment? Is it just what you have read? Is it just marketing blurb designed to suck you in? Get the facts and real professional advice from our property finders who represent your interests.

Go it alone and you could end up buying a villa or apartment that looks great but will be overlooking a power station one day. Think I'm joking? Do you ever see the people on television programmes who have bought properties direct from developers who didn't have planning permission? Ever wondered how they could build a huge development and not have anyone stop them? Think you wouldn't or couldn't make the same mistake? So did they.

With the right advice and guidance you could find a good investment property; go blundering in on your own and you could find just how expensive that cheap property really is.

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