Cheap website, advice and help on how to design a cheap website and build your own internet business at a fraction of the cost of employing a cheap website designer.

Up until the end of 2007, anyone who chose to have a cheap website designed or built their own website would most likely have wasted their money. To generate business through the internet you have to get search engine traffic and until now a cheap website stood no chance competing against websites that had been designed for the internet.

Utopele was the solution we came up with to provide small businesses and new internet entrepreneurs with a cheap website design solution that solved the problem of getting traffic through the search engines.

As one of the top website design companies in Europe, we were continuously turning business away from small companies and start up businesses that needed a cheap website designed because they did not have the budget to invest in a professionally built site that would perform in the search engines. Utopele was our solution and you should read on to discover why and how this search engine with static web pages became the solution to anyone needing a cheap website.