Cheap website designers and why building your own website will make you more money than employing a cheap website designer.

There are a number of questions that need to be asked as to why you typed cheap website designers into Google or another search engine? Was it because you were looking for the cheapest way to get a website built? Are you looking to start an internet business or are a small company looking for an economic solution to building an internet presence? Or are your financial resources limited and you realise you can only opt for a cheap website design?

The million dollar question is: Do you need your website to get visitors and earn you money? Because if you do, a cheap website is not the solution, it will be the fastest way to lose money because it will never do what you want it to do.

If you need a cheap website that is going to make you money, you need to build your own website.

Any website designer can build you a cheap website that will look good and be pleasing to the eye. What these cheap website designers don't tell you is that the website they build you will never get much traffic and certainly won't appear in the top of the search engines for any competitive key phrase related to your website. This means that your website will never get any traffic, never generate many enquiries and never produce the sales you need for your business.

We are constantly approached by website owners who have opted to have a cheap website built and then realise they have been sold a pup. The problem is that cheap websites cost more to optimise than a professionally built site that was optimised in the first place.

These types of websites have normally been purchased by small businesses and entrepreneurs who could not afford to waste their money in the first place and most likely don't have the financial resources to pay for a new site or have the problems sorted out.

The solution to all these problems is Utopele the small business search engine that allows you to build and optimise your own web pages within the directory so that all the search engines can find and rank your website.

The system is easy and fast to use and is perfect for anyone starting an internet business or has a website that is not getting any traffic.