Cheap web site design for businesses and new internet entrepreneurs looking to make money from the internet.

The fact is that there are millions of cheap websites on the internet that have been churned out by designers that have never returned a penny in income to their owners. Cheap website design is just another way of saying "chuck your money down the drain" and we will explain why and how to get around the problem. If you need a website built, then build your own.

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If you want a website that is going to generate sales it must be found by the search engines and be highly ranked for the search terms you need to get quality traffic in respectable volumes.

  • It will cost you less than employing a website designer to build you a cheap site

  • You could be up and running the same day

  • You can manage and change your content without having to keep asking a website designer and incurring further costs

  • You can optimise the web pages to get the right type of visitors to your site

  • You will get visitors through the Utopele Search engine as well as all the other major search engines

  • The search engines will treat your web pages as more important than if you have your own small site

  • You can manage your own online marketing

  • You can link with other related Utopele websites

  • It is the best starting point for anyone starting an internet business

  • The search engines will regard your site as being large, important and more relevant and therefore give you a high ranking


  • Cheap website are rarely designed with the search engines in mind

  • They are not optimised for the search engines

  • They simply get lost amongst the millions of other websites they are competing against

  • They get zero or little search engine traffic

  • They are expensive to optimise at a later date

  • They generate little revenue for their owners

  • They are a waste of money
You are far better off building your own website on Utopele.