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The thirst to invest in property abroad continues to increase with new markets like Turkey, Bulgaria, Morocco and Slovakia offering what appears to be exceptional value for money. Property prices in Spain, Portugal and France have risen steadily but there are still cheap property bargains to be had if you know where to look. However, does cheap necessarily mean that a property is going to be a good investment? And do the cheapest property deals necessarily mean you will return a good rental income?

Investing in property in the UK can be a minefield for the inexperienced investor. Buying property overseas is an even greater risk if you don't know what you are doing and don't get expert advice.

It is very easy to let your heart rule your head and get carried away with the moment and allow a developer or estate agent to persuade you to buy a property that may look like a bargain but turns out to be a property that comes with a nightmare scenario of problems.

Our free property finder service is reserved for the serious buyer who knows where and what they want to buy but need an expert on the ground who can advise them and avoid making an expensive mistake.

Our property experts understand the markets and know where and what to buy. They can save you money, help you find the cheapest property bargains that are going to be a good investment and steer you away from the developments or properties that are likely to turn out to be poor investments.

Don't leave buying a property abroad to chance. Our services are free as it is the developers and estate agents that we recommend that pay our fees.

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